MRCPI Part I General Medicine

Applying for MRCPI Part I General Medicine

The MRCPI Part I General Medicine exam assesses your knowledge and understanding of the basic sciences relevant to medical practice, and common or important disorders.



The college is making the change to Computer Based Testing in January 2016.  We will be providing an online simulation to help familiarise registered candidates with the process.  All regulations will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

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You must have received your primary medical degree. There must be at least 12 months between the date of your primary medical degree and the date of the exam.

How to apply

Applying for the first time?

NEW for January 2016: Upload a recent passport-style photograph of yourself (minimum resolution 100x100 pixels).

Upload an attested copy of your primary medical degree as part of the online application which can be found in the exams calendar.
Your medical degree can be attested by:
•    An Garda Síochána (Irish police force)
•    The issuing authority
•    A solicitor
•    A Commissioner for Oaths

Taken this exam before?

Just complete the online application form which can be found in the exams calendar.

NEW for January 2016: All candidates must upload a recent passport-style photograph (minimum resolution 100x100 pixels).


If you have one of these qualifications, you will be considered eligible for an exemption from MRCPI Part I General Medicine:

Arab Boards in Medicine and Paediatrics
Saudi Boards in Medicine and Paediatrics
FCP&S in Medicine and Paediatrics (Pakistan)
The American Boards in General (Internal) Medicine and Paediatrics
MMed (Malaysia)

How to claim an exemption

Upload an attested copy of your qualification(s) during the online application process.  

Information and support 

For more information on this exam you can contact Iain Martel at

Single Best Answer (SBA)

The exam consists of one Single Best Answer (SBA) style paper with 100 questions to answer.


Three hours


There is no negative marking and each question is equally weighted so we advise you to attempt all questions.

Sample question

A 55-year-old man presents to the Emergency Department with a one hour history of severe central chest pain which increased over about 15 minutes, spread down his left arm and was since then persistent. He also has nausea and vomiting. He has a long history of chest pain on exertion, which had worsened during the previous week. He is a cigarette smoker.

 On examination, he is sweating. His pulse is regular at 100 beats per minute and his blood pressure is 132/84 mmHg. There is a short mid-systolic murmur audible at the apex. There are crackles in both lung fields, left worse than right.


troponin T               not elevated

creatine kinase         60 U/L (24‒195)

C reactive protein      2 mg/L (<10)

ECG                       see IMAGE below


ECG -Sample Question














What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. aortic dissection

B. myocardial infarction

C. oesophageal rupture

D. pericarditis

E. pneumothorax

Correct answer B.

Information and support 

For more information on this exam you can contact Iain Martel at


The BST curriculum is fully aligned with the syllabus of the Membership examinations.


The questions in this exam are selected to achieve a balanced spread of questions across the specialties, the sciences underlying evidence-based medical practice, and the basic skills required in general medicine.

Questions will be on common or important diseases, including medical emergencies. At least 75% of the questions will concern direct clinical care of in-patients and out-patients in hospital medical practice.

Correct answers will be within up-to-date guidelines for diagnosis and management. The usual number of questions (column N) on each paper by specialties and skills are shown on these tables.

Specialties and Sciences N
Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Ethics, Genetics, Immunology, Metabolic, Physiology, Principles of evidence-based practice and Statistics 5-15
Cardiovascular 5-15
Dermatology 2-8
Endocrinology 5-15
Gastroenterology 5-15
Haematology 5-15
Infectious diseases 2-8
Nephrology 5-15
Neurology 5-15
Ophthalmology in the context of General Medicine 0-3
Psychiatry 0-3
Respiratory medicine 5-15
Rheumatology 5-15
Therapeutics and Pharmacology 5-15


Skills N
Manage emergencies in medicine 5-20
Apply knowledge of disease 5-25
Understand mechanisms of disease 5-20
Interpret clinical information 5-30
Interpret data 5-20
Interpret images 0-10
Plan investigations 5-20
Plan non-drug therapy 5-20
Plan drug therapy 5-20


Information and support 

Download our preparation guide for this exam, which has been developed for doctors on our Basic Specialist Training programme in General Internal Medicine.

For more information on this exam you can contact Iain Martel at 


Exam regulations

Read the regulations governing the MRCPI Part I General Medicine exam.  


Find out how to appeal an exam result.  

Information and support 

For more information on this exam you can contact Iain Martel at 

Latest Results

Now available: MRCPI Part I GM September 2015 Results

Issuing results

You will be able to access your provisional exam results here on this website approximately four working weeks after the exam.  

We never give exam results over the telephone, by fax, email or in person.

We will post your result letter shortly after the provisional result list is uploaded to the website.

Recheck of results

You can request a recheck of your exam results for a fee of €150.

You must submit the recheck application form within four weeks of the date of your official results.

The fee will be refunded if a recheck changes your overall exam result to a pass mark.

Information and support 

For more information on this exam you can contact Iain Martel at