Good bugs, bad bugs and super bugs - Protecting you and your family from infection

  • Date

    Thu, 1 January 1970

  • Time

    18:00 - 20:30

  • Venue

    RCPI, 6 Kildare St, Dublin 2

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  • Who Can Attend

    General public, healthcare professionals

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The annual flu season is in full swing - Find out how to protect yourself from bugs at this time of year

Important notice

This meeting is now fully booked, however we will have an overflow room with a live feed on the night and walk-ins are welcome.

If you would like to watch a live webcast of this event please email us at

About this meeting

As part of ongoing efforts to tackle the global health risk posed by antibiotic resistance, leading Irish health experts will discuss bugs, infections and antibiotics at this free public meeting, chaired by TV personality Sinead Desmond.

We will look at the history and evolution of antibiotics, the rise of antibiotic resistance, how bugs spread and how to protect you and your family from infection during the annual flu season.

Speakers on the night are:

  • Professor Edmond Smyth, Consultant Microbiologist, Beaumont Hospital on The World of Bugs – Good and Bad, covering
    • The story of antibiotics
    • Super bugs – Why bugs have become resistant to antibiotics
    • Good bugs – How we can protect them
  • Donna Lecky, UK Health Protection Agency and Vicki Young, Gloucester Royal Hospital on How bugs spread and how to break the chain of infection
  • Kathy Maher, Pharmacist and Vice President, Irish Pharmacy Union on How to stay healthy, covering
    • How your pharmacist can help
    • What you need to know about colds and flu
    • What happens if you mix some cough and cold remedies with other medications

Joining the panel for the question and answer session that follows presentations:

  • Niamh O’Sullivan, Chair, RCPI Clinical Advisory Group on the Prevention of Healthcare-associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Stephen McMahon, CEO, Irish Patients Association
  • Nuala O’Connor, Irish College of General Practitioners and lead GP Clinical Lead on healthcare associated infections and antibiotic resistance
  • Fidelma Fitzpatrick, RCPI and HSE Clinical lead - Prevention of Healthcare-associated Infection

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