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RCPI QI Scholar in Residence



The RCPI QI Scholar in Residence Programme is a one-year opportunity for a limited number of 4th- and 5th-year specialist registrars or GP trainees with an interest in leadership and quality improvement to develop clinical leadership skills and quality improvement knowledge. The year is a precursor to the Essential Skills for New Consultant certificate, which the scholars could attend following the course. 

Participants receive expert support and bespoke training to promote the development of skills and knowledge enabling them to provide quality improvement and clinical leadership in their workplace settings and provide local and national education support to the health system. The QI Scholar programme is a fundamental opportunity to identify and develop future RCPI quality improvement and leadership faculty.  

“The Scholars programme aims to change the way future consultants approach health and healthcare by providing an immersion in improvement and patient safety science. With one-to-one mentoring, group learning and peer to peer coaching you will be preparing yourself to make a difference. You will join a growing network of over 25 Scholars, learning and leading together.” 

Dr Peter Lachman, Programme Lead for Quality Improvement, RCPI 


What to Expect

You will experience:

  • Bespoke mentoring to address challenges in training and to prepare for consultant roles
  • Bespoke coaching on a quality improvement and patient safety project 
  • Introduction to leaders in quality and safety 
  • Contribution to textbooks and publishing papers on quality improvement and patient safety  
“The programme equips us to have the skills and confidence to make improvement happen - in partnership with our patients. Throughout this scholarship programme I have been learning about the relevant improvement skills and tools, which all clinicians can, and should, be able to engage in Quality Improvement to ultimately improve patient care. We have learnt about QI tools that enable frontline workers to come up with appropriate solutions using our skills and talents.”

Dr Ahmeda Ali, Quality Improvement Scholar in Residence


Programme Aims and Outcome

The Scholars programme aims to develop future leaders in healthcare who are in tune with the quality and safety of the service. The Scholars are immersed in improvement and patient safety science, and have access to a network of previous Scholars who support each other in leadership roles. 

By the end of the programme, learners will be able to: 

  • Develop knowledge, skills, and behaviours to enable a healthcare professional (nurse, doctor, AHP, Manager) to provide clinical leadership and support a culture of quality improvement within all healthcare environments 
  • Recognise and maximise the power of teams and identify the basic principles and expectations for the coordinated contributions of various participants in the care process 
  • Ensure that all improvement work is person-centred 
  • Define the regulatory frameworks under which safe and quality care is assured 
  • Define how best models of corporate and clinical governance are required to underpin the delivery of quality care & provide internal and external assurance of quality 
  • Develop and present a financial business case for quality 
  • Learn from models outside healthcare and apply these lessons to healthcare 

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