New Exams Policies

Three policies affecting candidates for RCPI examinations have been revised. The new policies apply to all candidates sitting RCPI exams held after 2 July 2022. All candidates applying to sit an exam must agree to abide by all applicable policies and regulations, including these three policies.

Summary of Changes

RCPI Cancellation Policy

Candidates will now be permitted to request deferral of a written examination to a later date at any time prior to the date of the exam. There is no limit on the number of such requests, and no reason for the request need be provided. There is a fee of €100 payable for each deferral. This new policy does not apply to clinical or oral exams.

RCPI Reasonable Adjustments Policy for Exams

This policy has been updated to clarify the need for candidates requesting adjustments, due to a disability or otherwise, to notify the Exams Department of the request at the time of application. Candidates are responsible for having an up-to-date assessment available to accompany their request.

RCPI Exams Appeals Policy

The steps through which an appeal passes have been modified to streamline the process. Candidates’ responsibility to bring any irregularity or complaint to the attention of Exams staff at the earliest opportunity has been emphasised, and the limits of the permissible grounds for an appeal clarified.

RCPI Cancellation Policy

Reasonable Adjustments Policy for RCPI Exams

Exam Appeals Policy