Hospital Doctors’ Work Experiences in Ireland and Australia: Research Papers Published

HDRM publications on hospital doctors’ work experiences in Ireland and Australia

The Hospital Doctor Retention & Motivation (HDRM) project has recently produced two publications based on 51 pre-COVID interviews with Irish-trained hospital doctors in Australia. Both studies show how health systems shape working conditions and workforce retention issues in Ireland.

The first study, published in Health Policy, demonstrates how the contrasting health system resources of Ireland and Australia influence the organisational aspects of medical work, and subsequently the everyday work experiences of hospital doctors.

The second study, published in the edited book Connecting Healthcare Worker Well-Being, Patient Safety & Organisational Change, contrasts hospital doctors’ experience of work-time in Irish and Australian hospitals.

Both research articles have been published online and you can download a copy of each below. 

HDRM is funded by the Health Research Board and based in RCPI. The team comprises Dr Niamh Humphries, Dr Jennifer Creese and Dr John-Paul Byrne. You can find out more about their work, and read previous publications here