Opportunity to participate in the external consultation process of the National Pathology Handbook – Communication of Critical Results for Patients in the Community


National Laboratory Handbook latest draft guideline now available for review

The National Clinical Programme for Pathology continues to develop a National Pathology Handbook for Ireland, which will provide a set of national guidelines and order sets for common clinical diagnostic problems, particularly those associated with high volumes or potential over-usage of investigations.

Volume 2. of the National Laboratory Handbook was published in 2018.

The Handbook continues to be developed in stages, with a bundle of new guidelines and reports included in each volume. 

We are now in the process of external consultation for the draft guidelines listed on this webpage and would value your review and feedback.

Feedback to be submitted by 25 March 2019

Your feedback should be entered onto the Word document linked below and emailed to Joan McCormack, Programme Manager at joanmccormack@rcpi.ie

The closing date for feedback is 25 March 2019.

Communication of Critical Results for Patients in the Community

The aim of this document is to provide guidance about the procedure of communication of critical results for patients in the community, whether these tests originated from community or hospital settings. This guidance applies to adult, non-pregnant patients. The procedure outlined, but not the specific values of analytes is applicable to both children and pregnant patients.

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