Advice from psychologists

Psychologists share their observations and recommendations

Here we share a selection of videos featuring psychologists, each of whom has a message for doctors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Hadas Levy, Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Health and Wellbeing Lead, RCPI

Professor Ian Robertson, Emeritus Professor of Psychology - Advice on managing stress

Dr Eva Doherty, Director of Human Factors in Patient Safety, RCSI- Responding to Patients' Distress and Strong Emotions during Covid-19

Dr Sara O'Byrne, Clinical Pyschologist - The psychological impact of stress on doctors during COVID19

Dr Claire Hayes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist-The ABC Coping Sentence

Hadas Levy

Manager, Health and Wellbeing Department

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Hadas Levy B.A. Psychology, M.Sc. Counselling Psychology manages the RCPI Health and Wellbeing Office.

RCPI Physician Wellbeing Programme

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Through our Physician Wellbeing programme we are providing support, training and information to doctors at all stages of their careers.