What you need to know about Audit

You must complete one audit or quality improvement project per year

Clinical (Practice) Audit is not the same as CPD - it's a separate Professional Competence requirement.

To meet this requirement, you must complete one audit or quality improvement project about an aspect of your own practice every year.  

This is a requirement for all doctors enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme, not just those working in hospitals.

We recommend spending at least 12 hours per year on your audit or quality improvement project.  If you find it difficult to identify a topic, the information below will help.

Maintaining Professional Competence - What is an Audit?

Learn more about  Audit and Quality Improvement

Our online course Performing Audit will help you plan, design and conduct a clinical audit.

It outlines how to mitigate risks and improve quality of service, which ultimately leads to improved patient care.

It will help you decide what to audit and provides practical quality improvement tools to help you undertake your own audit.

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Learn about the fundamentals of Quality Improvement

If you would like to know the basics of Quality Improvement this one-hour online course is perfect for you. It is suitable for everyone working in the health service.

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Download our free guide to completing a Quality Improvement Project

Learn about key data protection requirements in a clinical setting

This one-hour online course provides a practical introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its application in the clinical setting.

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Read our Clinical (Practice) Audit guide for Professional Competence

Measurement of practice against a recognisable standard

Audit tool for antiobiotic prescribing

Developed by the RCPI Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Working Group.

This useful tool can be easily adapted to audit any aspect of your practice

Absent or Retired from Practice?

Your Professional Competence requirements are based on your Medical Council registration status. Absence or retirement from practice does not exempt you from conducting one audit or quality improvement project each year.

If you're absent or retired from practice, check the following documents and web pages for advice. 

How to Record your Audit or Quality Improvement

Professional Competence

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