National Quality Improvement Programme

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About the National Quality Improvement Programme

The National Quality Improvement Programme gives healthcare professionals the tools and training they need to improve patient care across Ireland.

Launched in 2012, the programme is jointly led by RCPI and the HSE. It is funded by the HSE’s Quality Improvement Division under the direction of Dr Philip Crowley.

What do we deliver?

The National Quality Improvement Programme has been central to a wide range of educational and collaborative initiatives across the Irish health system.

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Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare

Launched in 2011, this hugely popular one-year diploma teaches participants how to formulate and lead quality improvement initiatives in the workplace. It is designed for senior healthcare professionals and managers



Healthcare collaboratives involve teams and individuals from different health disciplines and settings, such as hospitals, residential settings and primary care teams, working together in partnership to achieve improvements and reach an agreed goal of high quality, safe, standardised care. One of our most successful collaborative so far is Pressure Ulcers to Zero, which you can read about below


On site training

We provide training to hospital management and clinicians in primary and community services. Intensive bespoke training is given to a large number of people in one institution to expand quality improvement capability across the board


Quality Improvement Workshops and Events

We offer a series of day long workshops for healthcare professionals interested in developing quality improvement skills and expertise. We invite leading international and national experts to deliver New Perspectives evening lectures on a variety of quality improvement and leadership topics

Cross-border Training

Together with the HSE and the Health and Social Care Safety Forum in Northern Ireland we set up and ran the North/South Patient Safety Training Programme. Thanks to the programme we saw improved cross-border mobility of staff and the development of an all-island quality improvement network. The innovative programme was funded through the Cooperation and Working Together (CAWT) programme.


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Abstracts from the Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare

Download the document to see abstracts of the projects that have been completed through one of our courses under the National Quality Improvement Programme.