Training Post Evaluation

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Providing a solution for honest, confidential feedback on training

We are conducting an annual national evalution to assess the quality of RCPI training posts across Ireland.

All Trainees on our Basic Specialist Training and Higher Specialist Training programmes will be invited to take part each year.

The evaluation is an opportunity for Trainees to give us anonymous feedback on the training posts they complete each year. The survey is being run on an annual basis and was launched in June 2016.

Ultimately, it is envisaged that this evaluation will enable us to track the quality of training sites and training posts over time.

We recognise that every training site needs to be able to facilitate training in an organised, productive manner in a good learning environment. Ensuring that this is the case is central to the improvement of medical training in Ireland.

Professor Anthony O’Regan

Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education & Training, RCPI
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What is asked in the evaluation?

In the evaluation, Trainees are asked to evaluate each training post they completed in that academic year (July – July).

The evaluation has questions about their interaction with trainers, their satisfaction with the training provided, on-site facilities and the working environment.  

The evaluation was developed by National Specialty Directors and the Trainee Committee with support from the RCPI Research Department and senior management.

Why it matters

Honest feedback from Trainees is enormously important. It allows us to review and improve our training programmes.

Although Trainees already provide feedback on training at annual assessments, because these assessments are not anonymous, they may be reluctant to discuss areas of concern or negative experiences.

We developed the Training Post Evaluation to give Trainees the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback.

Trainees are not asked for their name, date of birth or RCPI ID number. To further protect their anonymity, we will not analyse data at training site/post level until two years of data have been collected. This will minimise the potential that individual Trainees can be identified.

Although RCPI run annual assessments, we are aware that sometimes trainees do not feel in a position to constructively critique the site or sites that they had trained in that year. To improve communication between RCPI and trainees, we have set up a short survey which will allow you to provide anonymous feedback.

Dr Karl Neff

Final year SpR Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus and member of the Collegiate Members Committee

How will RCPI use the information provided?

We will use the information Trainees provide to improve the quality of our training programmes.

Trainees’ feedback will help us ensure that our training programmes meet their needs. It will help us identify areas for future research and the planning of training site inspections and the placement of Trainees in posts.

Initially, the data will be analysed at an aggregate level to determine Trainees' overall satisfaction with training at a national level. These results will be released in the same year in which the survey is circulated.

A more in-depth analysis of Trainees' experiences at site and post level will take place two years after the survey is circulated. This delay is to protect the anonymity of Trainees who responded. The first of these results will be released in 2018.

As they become available, survey findings will be published here.

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Training Post Evaluation Participant Information Leaflet

We are seeking feedback on training experiences from Trainees. This is an information leaflet for Trainees who are taking part in this study.

Meet the researchers

Dr Niamh Humphries

Reader in Health Systems Research

Tel: +353 1 8639 693

Dr Niamh Humphries is a Reader in Health Systems Research who joined the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in April 2016. She holds a PhD in Sociology and has worked in health workforce research since 2006.  In 2017 she was awarded a prestigious HRB Emerging Investigator Award for a 4 year research project focussed on hospital doctor retention and motivation, which will involve fieldwork in Ireland and Australia. Her current research interests are health worker migration, health worker retention and the working lives of health workers.

Dr Lucia Prihodova

Manager, Research Department

Tel: +353 1 863 9645

Dr Lucia Prihodova is the Research Manager at the at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. Lucia holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Groningen, Netherlands and her research focuses on various aspects of health systems related to work environment, workforce training and wellbeing and patient outcomes.