About Ireland’s Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines

Irish roadway

While many factors contribute to road safety, a driver’s health is an important consideration

Medical standards for driver licensing are used internationally to ensure that the driver’s health status does not increase their risk of crashing.

About the Guidelines

Sláinte agus Tiomáint Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines (Group 1 and 2 Drivers) contains medical standards to guide the health assessments of drivers for licensing purposes in Ireland.

The most recent guidelines were published in April 2021.

They were developed by the National Office for Traffic Medicine on behalf of the Road Safety Authority.

The standards apply to the following drivers:

  • Group 1 categories A, A1, B, EB, M or W, ie motorcycles, cars and tractors (without trailer)
  • Group 2 Categories C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E i.e. truck and bus (with or without trailer)

The guidelines are reviewed and updated every year to ensure that they continue to represent international best practice.  

Sláinte agus Tiomáint Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines (Group 1 and 2 Drivers) (11th Ed.) April 2022

Guiding Assessment for Licensing Drivers in Ireland

This publication summarises Irish medical guidelines of fitness to drive. The information in these Guidelines are intended to assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in advising their patients on fitness to drive, requirements for reporting to their National Driver Licence Service, and guidance on review of stability, progression or improvement of these conditions.

The Sláinte agus Tiomáint Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines (11th Ed.) 2022 were published on 28 April 2022 during a live Webinar event.