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Advancing the Science of Traffic Medicine

We are involved in a number of research initiatives in the area of Traffic Medicine and regularly publish reports and resources relating to this rapidly evolving specialty.

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Published Journal Articles

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An international approach to enhancing a national guideline on driving and dementia

Rappoport, M., Chee, J., Carr, D., Molnar, F., Naglie, G., Dow, J., . . . O'Neill, D. (2018).

A systematic review of evidence for fitness-to-drive among people with the mental health conditions of schizophrenia, stress/anxiety disorder, depression, personality disorder and  obsessive compulsive disorder

Unsworth, C. A., Baker, A., Man, H. S., Harries, P., & O'Neill, D. (2017).

Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and driving: Risk, medication and fitness to drive

Suen, K., & O'Neill, D. (2017).

Awareness of medical fitness to drive guidelines among occupational physicians and psychiatrists

Ryan, M., Mc Fadden, R., Gilvarry, E., Loane, R., Whelan, D., & O'Neill, D. (2017)

Older Motorcyclists in Ireland

Fitzpatrick D, O'Neill D.

Update on the Risk of Motor Vehicle Collision or Driving Impairment with Dementia: a Collaborative International Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Justin N. Chee, Mark J. Rapoport, Frank Molnar, Nathan Herrmann, Desmond O'Neill, Richard Marottoli, Sara Mitchell, Mark Tant, Jamie Dow, Debbie Ayotte, Krista L. Lanctôt, Regina McFadden, John-Paul Taylor, Paul C. Donaghy, Kirsty Olsen, Sherrilene Classen, Yoassry Elzohairy, David B. Carr

Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and driving – risk, medication and fitness to drive

Suen KFK, O'Neill D,  Irish Medical Journal, 110, (5), 2017, p571

An International Study of the Quality of National-Level Guidelines on Driving with Medical Illness

Rapoport MJ, Weegar K, Kadulina Y, Bédard M, Carr D, Charlton J, Dow J, Gillespie I, Hawley C, Koppel S, McCullagh S, Molnar F, Murie-Fernández M, Naglie G, O'Neill D, Shortt S, Simpson C, Tuokko H, Vrkljan B, Marshall S,.QJM : monthly journal of the Association of Physicians, 2015

General practitioner attitudes and practices in medical fitness to drive in Ireland

Kahvedžić, A., McFadden R., Cummins G., Carr D. and O’Neill, D., Journal of Transport & Health Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2015, Pages 284–288

Impact of new guidelines and educational program on awareness of medical fitness to drive among general practitioners in Ireland

Kahvedžić A, McFadden R, Cummins G, Carr D,. Traffic Inj Prev. 2015;16(6):593-8.

Report on driver licensing restriction for medical conditions, an effective mechanism to improve driver safety without unduly impairing mobility

Ciara O’Byrne, Medical Student, Ailish Naughton, Medical Student, Desmond O’Neill MD FRCPI, Director. (Approved, European Geriatric Medicine, 2015)

Reports, Discussions and Educational Resources

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Ongoing Research

Below are some of the research projects we are currently involved in.

Survey of UK and Irish occupational physicians and psychiatrists on medical fitness to drive

We are exploring how UK and Irish occupational physicians and psychiatrists assess medical fitness to drive in patients with mental health conditions and alcohol dependence and abuse. Started in September 2015

Collaborative International Knowledge Synthesis to Update Guidelines for Determining Medical Fitness to Operate Motor Vehicles

We are part of an international research group, funded by International Institutes of Health Research, to update guidelines for determining medical fitness to operate motor vehicles.

Examining the applicability of the Guidelines (Sláinte agus Tiomáint) for use in clinical practice

We are conducting focus group research to examine the applicability of the Guidelines (Sláinte agus Tiomáint) for use in clinical practice. We are aiming to produce a journal article.

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