Our Steering and Working Groups

Steering Group on Traffic Medicine

We are governed by a Steering Group on Traffic Medicine, which essentially acts as our board of management.  

The Steering Group on Traffic Medicine is jointly chaired by Dr Trevor Duffy, Head of Healthcare Leadership, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and Mr Declan Naughton, Director of Driver Testing and Licensing, Road Safety Authority.

Institution representative
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Prof Trevor Duffy
Working Group on Traffic Medicine
Prof Áine Carroll
Road Safety Authority
Mr Declan Naughton
An Garda Síochána

Chief Superintendent Michael Hennerby
Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport Lorraine McGurk
Road Safety Authority
Mr Pat Travers

RCPI Working Group on Traffic Medicine

The Working Group on Traffic Medicine is chaired by Prof Áine Carroll.

Prof Áine Carroll

Chair of the Traffic Medicine Working Group

Áine is Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement at University College Dublin and a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Known for her expertise in integrated care, whole system change and implementation and evaluation, she has been a fervent advocate for road safety throughout her career, serving on the RSA Board for two terms and participating in the Crashed Lives campaign. Additionally, she is Secretary and Vice-Chair of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) and Co-Director of IFIC Ireland. Prior to this, she was National Director of the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division in the Health Services Executive. During her tenure, Áine established the Integrated Care Programmes for older persons, chronic disease, children’s health and patient flow to promote coordinated care and teamwork across services and specialties, ensuring that care is provided effectively and seamlessly to patients as they move through the system.

Working Group for Medical Fitness to Drive

This Working Group advises the National Office for Traffic Medicine on the standards to be set, implemented and maintained in Sláinte agus Tiomáint: Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines for Drivers in Ireland.

Institution representative
AA Ireland
An Garda Síochána Chief Superintendent Michael Hennerby and Inspector Alan Roughneen
Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland Dr Tadhg Stapleton
Association of Optometrists Ireland Mr Martin O’Brien
Clinical Pharmacology, RCSI Prof David Williams
College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Dr Maria Morgan
Coroners Society of Ireland & Forensic and Legal Medicine & the Medical Bureau of Road Safety Prof Denis Cusack
Faculty of Occupational Medicine Dr Paul Guéret and Dr Declan Whelan
Faculty of Public Health Medicine
Dr Niamh O Callaghan
Health Products Regulatory Authority Dr Doreen Fagan
Health and Safety Authority Ms Deirdre Sinnott
Irish Association for Emergency Medicine Dr Gerry Lane
Irish Association of Orthoptists Ms Emma Goodall
Irish Association of Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Eugene Wallace and Dr Paul Carroll
Irish Cardiac Society Dr Derek Crinion
Irish College of General Practitioners Dr Ide Delargy and Dr Gerry Cummins
Irish College of Nephrology
Irish College of Ophthalmologists Mr Sean Chen and Ms Fiona Kearns
Irish Endocrine Society Dr Graham Roberts
Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience Dr Karen O Connell
Irish Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Mr Derek Bennett
Irish Patients Association Mr Stephen McMahon
Irish Society of Community and Public Health Dr Johanna Joyce Cooney
Irish Society of Physicians in Geriatric Medicine
Irish Society of Rheumatology
Irish Thoracic Society Prof Walter McNicholas
Neurosurgeons Mr Steven Young
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Psychological Society of Ireland Dr Michael Gormley
Road Safety Authority Ms Miriam Scott and Ms Marian Lambe
University College Dublin and National Rehabilitation Hospital Prof Áine Carroll

Sub Groups on Traffic Medicine

We have eight sub groups on Traffic Medicine that act as specialist advisors to the Working Group. They deal with the following areas:

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Diabetes
  • Psychiatry
  • Drug and Alcohol Misuse and Dependence
  • Vision
  • Rehabilitation and On-Road Driving Assessment
  • Education and Research