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Your hospital-based link with RCPI

RCPI Trainee Representatives have been appointed to training sites across Ireland.

Your Trainee Rep is there to help you to stay connected to your training body while in training. They act as a conduit between you and RCPI, sharing important information about training and giving feedback to RCPI (and vice versa).


RCPI Trainee Reps 2018 - 2019

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Trainee Reps are an important point of contact for Trainees seeking clarification or direction relating to training and education matters and are expected to encourage and support improvements to educational facilities that will improve training delivery, for example MRCPI tutorials, journal access, journal clubs, internet access and trainer engagement.

They are also expected to encourage open and honest feedback from Trainees on their training experiences.

Where possible, Trainee Reps also attend the College's hospital inspections at their hospital sites(s).

Trainee Reps are appointed each year for a period of one year, with applications for new appointments normally opening in June. It's an ideal opportunity to take up a formal role in RCPI and put your management skills into action.

You can apply to become a Trainee Rep for your hospital if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an SpR in a full-time clinical post in Ireland in Higher Specialist Training or in your second or later year of Basic Specialist Training during the year of appointment 
  • You have a clear assessment/training record of at least 12 months prior to your application
  • You have an interest in education and training

Applications for Trainee Reps 2019/2020 are being accepted until 5 May 2019. To apply, click here

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RCPI Trainees' Committee

Tel: +353 1 863 9700

The RCPI Trainees' Committee (formerly known as the Collegiate Members Committee) is the longest-running Trainee committee in RCPI. We are always looking for more Trainees and Collegiate Members to get involved and become part of a group that can really make a difference.