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Healthcare Leadership

We are an independent authority on specialist medicine and advocate policies and practices that are in the best interests of patients and those who care for them.


Raising Healthcare Standards in Ireland and Across the World

While first and foremost a College, RCPI is proud to be a leader in healthcare, with our core values of advocacy, influence, expertise and support.


Collaboration and Research


National Specialty Quality Improvement Programmes

The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland manages four National Specialty Quality Improvement (NSQI) Programmes in GI Endoscopy, Histopathology, Radiology and Bronchoscopy.

Trainees working in a lab with microscopes

Policy and Advocacy

Our Members and Fellows lead initiatives and discussions that influence government policies, legislation and shape public debate.

Doctor preparing needles for vaccine

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

We are proud to offer you a range of high-quality QI courses, for you as an individual looking to get started in QI or as part of a team, each designed to contribute to your personal and professional development.



We are committed to promoting ethical research and ensuring all research carried out through RCPI is conducted according to best ethical practice.

Hands of a male consultant holding a medical device