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Personal Development Plans


Why Have a Personal Development Plan?

Although it’s not compulsory at present to complete a Personal Development Plan, we recommend that you do - and for several different reasons.

A Personal Development Plan encourages you to:

  • Define your practice
  • Identify CPD and Clinical (Practice) Audit/Quality Improvement activities appropriate for you
  • Set out goals for your personal development

A Personal Development Plan can be used to monitor your progress. It will also help you reflect on the various roles that you fulfil in your post and possible steps to update your knowledge, maintain your experience, and improve your skills if necessary.

Having a plan will help you see when you need to arrange leave or cover in order to attend an educational activity.

Your plan may change during the year, depending on circumstances within your practice, but it is important to create a plan at the beginning of the year so that you can organise the necessary resources, for example, book leave, confirm cover for while you are away, and so on

If you complete the Personal Development Plan form in your ePortfolio by 30 September, you can claim five credits in the Internal CPD category.

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