Continuous Professional Development – Support Scheme

Trainee at College event

If you are an NCHD and not in a training post, this scheme will help you fulfill some of your Professional Competence Scheme requirements


The Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS) is an educational programme open to all NCHDs working in the public health service who are:

  • Not enrolled in an intern training programme or on a postgraduate specialist training programme such as BST or HST
  • Working in the public health service and hold a 2010 NCHD contract within the HSE
  • On the General or Supervised Division of the Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council
  • Enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme applicable to your specialty 
  • Registered and have paid your Professional Competence Scheme subscription 

The CPD-SS is funded by the HSE. It helps you enhance your clinical knowledge and skills and fulfill some of the Medical Council legal requirements of your Professional Competence Scheme. The scheme allows you to access educational activities worth up to 20 external CPD credits. You can access educational activities within RCPI and/or you can access CPD activities run by other Irish postgraduate medical training bodies.  Enrollment is free of charge.

Once enrolled on the RCPI CPD-SS, you will have a choice of two options: Self-directed Pathway or Structured Learning Pathway. The self-directed pathway allows you to select your own courses whilst the structured learning pathway provides you with a set suite of courses selected for registrars in your specialty. Both pathways offered are a selection of education courses but are not a training programme or equivalent to a training programme.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme