Post CSCST Fellowship Training

Subspecialist training for doctors who have completed RCPI Higher Specialist Training programmes

Post CSCST Fellowships are designed for doctors who need to acquire additional training or experience which was not available on their Higher Specialist Training programme, and which may be required for a consultant post (e.g. Stroke Medicine).

RCPI in association with the HSE has established a register of approved Post-CSCST Fellowship posts in the Irish health service.

These Fellowships offer training opportunities for doctors who are within two years of completing their HST programme and obtaining a CSCST.

The additional training is designed to expose you to subspecialties and advanced clinical skills.

Obstetrics and Gynecology.

What is a Fellowship Post?

A fellowship post is a 12-month period of additional training, beyond that available during Higher Specialist Training.

The post will offer

  • A structured educational experience designed to deliver the requirements of a particular subspecialty which are not readily available within HST
  • A supervisor with authority and accountability for the fellowship post
  • Opportunities for audit and research
  • An enhanced salary

Where appropriate, the post will fulfil training body requirements and HSE employment requirements for consultant posts.

All posts are recruited, evaluated and approved by the appropriate training body.

Please note, these hospital funded posts will most likely be created by the conversion of existing SpR or non-training posts. We are unable to guarantee availability of posts on an annual basis as approval is only ever valid for 12 months. Fellowship posts will not necessarily be occupied each year.

Training bodies are supported and funded by HSE NDTP.

Entry Requirements

You must have successfully completed the RCPI Higher Specialist Training programme within the last two years. So, if you would like to take up a Fellowship post in July 2020, you must have completed HST in July 2018 or later.

Fellowships currently open for application

Stroke Medicine

We are accepting applications for the Post CSCST Fellowship in Stroke starting in July 2020 in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.

Applicants must have successfully completed the RCPI Higher Specialist Training programme in Geriatric Medicine or other relevant discipline (within two years of the start date of the Post CSCST Fellowship programme).

Prior experience in Stroke during Geriatric Medicine training would be an advantage.

For enquiries and applications, please forward a copy of your CV to

Neuropathology - Molecular Pathology

The Faculty of Pathology is seeking applications from suitable candidates for a Post-CSCST Fellowship in Neuropathology - Molecular Pathology.

The post is based in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin and will commence in July 2020 for one year.

This opportunity is available as either a post-CSCST fellowship or as a specialty module for current trainees either in HST Histopathology or Clinical Neurosciences.

To apply interested candidates must submit the following to Lauren Kerchner (

1. An up to date Curriculum Vitae
2. Statement of interest
3. Confirmation of CSCST date

The deadline to apply is 17 January 2019.

Post CSCST Fellowship Subspecialty areas

We are continuing to identify suitable Post-CSCST Fellowship opportunities in Ireland.

Sample Fellowship posts in the following subspecialty areas:

Internal Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Doctors on ward

What are the steps required for a Post CSCST Fellowship to be approved?

1,  Post CSCST Fellowships can be identified by the National Specialty Director or an approved trainer in the specialty.

2,  Written confirmation is required from the hospital where the post is located of a guarantee of the salary for the Post CSCST Fellowship prior to seeking approval from HSE NDTP or development of a curriculum. The Post CSCST salaries are set at the 7th or highest point of the SpR scale.

3,  A Clinical Lead is appointed by the NSD/Specialty Training Committee.

4,  The Lead will work with the Education team in RCPI to develop an overview of the Post CSCST Fellowship (for approval from HSE NDTP) and curriculum for the Post CSCST Fellowship.

5,  The Post CSCST Fellowship and curriculum must be agreed and approved by the Specialty Training Committee.

6,  When a suitable post arises (vacant SpR/Reg/Locum post) a HSE Approval Application Form and supporting documentation is completed by the appointed Clinical Lead. RCPI will then submit this to the HSE NDTP for approval.

7,  Once approval is confirmed from HSE NDTP, the post is advertised, and interviews are held to appoint the fellow.

8,  A Register of approved Post CSCST Fellowships will be listed on the RCPI website.

9,  Appointed Fellow is treated the same way as a Trainee on the SpR programme, they will record their training, complete an end of year evaluation and receive a certificate of completion.

Please note

  • Doctors eligible to be appointed into a Post CSCST Fellowship must have completed their HST training through an RCPI training programme.
  • Post CSCST fellowships are ordinarily for one year however they can be split over two years (50% training per year) and should ordinarily start in line with the HST SpRs (July – July)
  • Training is ordinarily in the one location however there may be an option to split training over two or three sites with prior approval from each site & the HSE NDTP

HSE Aspire Fellowships

The NDTP Aspire (Post CSCST) Fellowship awards have resulted from the collaborative efforts of HSE’s Acute Hospitals’ Division, Mental Health Division, National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) and the Post-Graduate Medical Training Bodies in Ireland. The NDTP Aspire Post CSCST Fellowships are Fellowships funded by NDTP and recognised through the training body.  

 Successful Aspire Fellows receive:

  • SpR salary for the duration of the fellowship; 
  • Eligibility to access the Higher Specialist Training Fund during the fellowship; 
  • Formal recognition of achievement following completion of the fellowship from the relevant Irish Post Graduate Medical Education Body/Bodies; 
  • A high-quality fellowship experience in Ireland that will improve competitiveness for Consultant positions within Ireland.

Aspire applications open each Autumn, information and the application process will be communicated via the Training bodies. Further information can be found here.

Recent Aspire Fellowships:

  • Endocrinology - Obesity
  • Medical Oncology - Adolescent and Young Adult Medical Oncology
  • Neurology – Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Paediatric - Neonatal Echocardiography
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology- Early Pregnancy Management
  • Haematology - Geriatric Assessments & Haematological Malignancies

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