Post CSCST Fellowship Training

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Subspecialist training for doctors who have completed the RCPI Higher Specialist Training programme

Are you looking to acquire additional training or experience which is not currently available on your RCPI Higher Specialist Training programme, or which you need for a particular consultant post with a special interest (e.g. Stroke Medicine)?

RCPI in association with the HSE has established a register of approved Post-Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST) Fellowship posts in the Irish health service.

These Fellowships offer training opportunities for doctors who are within two years of obtaining a CSCST.

The additional training is designed to expose you to subspecialties and advanced clinical skills.

Obstetrics and Gynecology.

What is a Fellowship Post?

A fellowship post is a 12 month period of additional training, beyond that available during Higher Specialist Training.

The post will offer

  • A structured educational experience designed to deliver the requirements of a particular subspecialty which are not readily available within HST
  • A supervisor with authority and accountability for the fellowship post
  • Opportunities for audit and research
  • An enhanced salary

Where appropriate, the post will fulfil training body requirements and HSE employment requirements for consultant posts.

All posts are evaluated and approved by the appropriate training body.

Entry Requirements

You must have successfully completed the RCPI Higher Specialist Training programme within the last two years. So, if you would like to take up a Fellowship post in July 2017, you must have completed HST in July 2015 or later.

How to apply for a Post CSCST Fellowship

Post CSCST Fellowships are filled via a competitive recruitment process coordinated by the relevant Irish postgraduate training body. Application forms for our specialties will be made available on this web page.

Recruitment will follow similar timelines to HST recruitment and posts will commence in July of each year (unless otherwise specified).

If you are interested in applying this year please see list of Post CSCST Fellowship opportunities below and if you have any questions please contact Louise O'Gogain at

We are currently accepting applications for the following Post CSCST Fellowships. If interested in applying please email a copy of your CV to the relevant contact listed below.

Clinical Microbiology: Antimicrobial Stewardship - contact Lauren Kerchner at (closing date 19th January)

Clinical Microbiology: Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant & National Transplant Coordination- contact Lauren Kerchner at (closing date 19th January)

Geriatric Medicine: Stroke - contact Emily Horgan at (closing date 19th January)

Post CSCST Fellowship Opportunities

We are currently identifying suitable Post-CSCST Fellowship opportunities in Ireland. We hope to offer Fellowship posts in the following subspecialty areas:

Internal Medicine


Doctors on ward

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Contact Jennifer for queries relating to Post CSCST Fellowship Training