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Healthcare Leadership

Policy and Advocacy


Vision and Priorities


Our Commitment To You

RCPI's Statement of Strategy 2021-2024 reaffirms a commitment to shaping and influencing healthcare policy at a national level. As the implementation of Sláintecare commences and the HSE Corporate Plan 2021-2024 is implemented, RCPI is committed to engaging with other stakeholders to realise the vision of a healthier Ireland with the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

From now through to 2024 we will:

  • be the voice of physicians to inform and influence the future of healthcare and government policy on public health
  • empower trainees, members and fellows to leverage their experience and research to drive national advocacy 
  • identify and address the information needs of patients, families, carers, patient representatives and advocates, and ensure this shapes advocacy priorities, and
  • foster a culture of partnership and collaboration with external stakeholders to support public health policymaking.

Advocacy Priorities

New advocacy priorities for 2023-2025 were approved by Executive Board and Council in 2023. This followed consultation with trainees, members and fellows at hospital sites, consultation with RCPI's Council, Executive Board, Senior Management Team and other staff. A survey open to all RCPI members fellows and trainees was also part of this consultation process.

Read the report on advocacy priorities here.

This is the first time that RCPI has developed advocacy priorities through wide consultation with its membership. The process also included a review of previous advocacy work and successes, and the new priorities build on this work and existing collaborations.

The agreed priorities are:

  • Patient Safety and Dignity
  • Health Equity
  • Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
  • Climate Change and Healthcare /Sustainable Healthcare
  • Influencing Public Health Legislation


A mechanism has also been approved for engagement with membership on policy development, advocacy, and consultation responses. More details will be available on this in the coming months.

"It's great to see the issue of advocacy 
being raised, as it is often difficult to 
know where to start with advocacy 
initiatives within the College. This 
process will be a major step forward 
for more effective advocacy" 
Professor Francis Finucane, RCPI Council

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