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The following tools and resources to help you get started on your QI journey


Patient Safety

Useful books and factsheets

  • Oxford Professional Practice: Handbook of Patient Safety available to purchase, edited by Faculty and Colleagues of RCPI. This handbook explains patient safety theory in simple terms to help clinicians practice safely, reflecting the WHO Patient Safety Curriculum.
  • WHO Patient Safety fact sheets and resources



Additional resources

  • Patients for Patient Safety is a World Health Organisation initiative aimed at improving patient safety in health care organisations. They advocate for person-centred care through collaboration with all stakeholders, including the patient, across all levels of policy development, implementation, evaluation, design and delivery of services.
  • HSE Patient Safety Programme from the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

Person-Centred Care

Watch the Fred Lee video at TedX, discussing the different layers of service delivery and patient emotional experience of that service. 

You might like to access one of the following websites:

    • IFIC International Foundation of Integrated Care -  advocating for integrated care, with the aim of maximising the health and wellbeing of people and communities while improving the overall effectiveness and sustainability of health and care systems
    • The Beryl Institute is a global community of healthcare professionals and experience champions committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare
    • PlaneTree not-for-profit providing standards for person-centered excellence
    • ICOHN International Coproduction Health Network is a collaborative learning system to support existing and new communities of practice, with an overarching goal of improving health