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Research Funding – RCQPS


What is the RCQPS?

The Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) is a collaborative initiative between the Health Research Board, the Health Service Executive, National Quality Improvement Team and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. It was established in 2013 to advance nationally relevant research in the area of quality and patient safety (QPS).

The model used for this scheme involves collaboration between knowledge users and academic researchers. To date, RCPI have managed the application and peer-review process and the HRB manage funded projects.


Current and Future Calls

Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety Funding Scheme is paused for 2022

Following the conclusion of the 8th cycle of RCQPS, the current agreement between HSE, HRB and RCPI for RCQPS has concluded. This call will be paused for 2022 and likely revisited in 2023.

Additional calls funded by the HRB, including the APA awards, are available here.