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IMC Specialist Division of the Register


Irish Medical Council

To have your name listed on the Irish Medical Council Specialist Division of the Register (SDR), a doctor must apply directly to the Irish Medical Council. The Postgraduate Training Body (PGTB) is not in any way responsible for who does or does not get admitted to the Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council Register.

The role of the PGTB is to provide advice in line with the MPA act 2007, section 47 1(f). The Irish Medical Council (IMC) is the statutory body who is responsible for entry and maintenance of the SDR.

A Specialist is a doctor who has completed training and requires no further training or supervision to practice independently in their specialty of choice. 

There are various routes available to doctors who wish to be included on the Specialist Division of the Register. Full details are available on the Irish Medical Council Website


Role of the Postgraduate Training Body

The Postgraduate Training Body (PGTB) holds two roles in assisting the Irish Medical Council in the inclusion of a doctor’s name on the Specialist Division of the Register. These roles are as follows:

  • Delivery of Postgraduate Training Programmes in a number of specialties leading to the award of a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST) and entry to the Specialist Division of the Register.
  • Provision of advice to the Irish Medical Council following assessment of a doctor's training and experience against the training attained by a graduate of the relevant training programme in Ireland.

When assessing a doctor's training and experience, the PGTB is guided by the approved Curriculum of Training in the relevant specialty currently in use by the Training Body. Each doctor applying for assessment under this route must prove that their training and experience is no less than the minimum standard as set out in the Curriculum of Training. The Curriculum of Training in each specialty can be found in our Training Section.

All queries relating to the RCPI PGTB's role in the SDR process can be sent to


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