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Higher Specialist Training




As well as General Paediatrics, RCPI offers two more Higher Specialist Training programmes in Paediatrics: Neonatology and Paediatric Cardiology. Read more about these specialties below and download the latest curriculum for each.



Neonatology encompasses the management of prematurity and all the attendant physiological and pathological challenges as well as the diagnosis and management of congenital anomalies (identified both ante- and postnatally). It includes care of the well and sick infant in the newborn period, as well as long term follow-up of certain infants at risk of complications including neuro-disability. As such it has a very broad remit. There are significant acute and neonatal intensive care (NIC) components, but it also addresses the chronic management and developmental issues of graduates of the NIC unit.

Many neonatologists are involved in clinical and basic science research to further our understanding of this special population of patients. Trainees must participate in care and management of the foetus and new-born in collaboration with maternal foetal medicine specialists and paediatric subspecialists. Trainees must be competent in the management of the critically ill newborn infant, including techniques of resuscitation, airway support, electric vital signs monitoring, temperature control and nutritional support.

Download HST Neonatology curriculum 2022 (PDF, 882KB)

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Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric Cardiology is the specialty concerned with diseases of the heart in the growing and developing individual. Paediatric cardiologists investigate and treat patients with congenital or acquired heart disease, diseases of cardiac rhythm and conduction, and disturbances of cardiac and circulatory function. The specialty provides a service from foetal life through childhood into adulthood. There is close liaison with paediatrics and its sub-specialties, and with cardiothoracic surgery, adult cardiology, obstetrics, radiology and pathology.

The specialty is well-suited to those who like dealing with the presenting emergency problems in neonates and infants, while working in close contact with the families to achieve rapid improvement and/or cure in most of their patients and to see them through to adulthood. Many of the clinical scenarios faced by paediatric cardiologists require a high level biopsychosocial approach.

Download HST Paediatric Cardiology curriculum 2022 (PDF, 781KB)

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