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The EQUALS Initiative seeks to improve healthcare in low income countries by working in partnership with less developed countries and addressing the huge inequality that exists in health globally. The initiative began in Zambia, and has since spread to activities in Uganda and more recently, Ukraine.

Hospital beds delivered as part of the EQUALS initiative


The EQUALS Initiative was established in 2013, following a request received by Prof Frank Murray from an Irish doctor in Zambia asking to help source an ultrasound machine for Monze Mission Hospital. It soon became apparent that there was no official mechanism in place that would facilitate the donation of reusable medical equipment from Ireland to countries in need and Prof Murray and his colleagues in RCPI and the HSE sought to rectify this.  

Together, RCPI and the HSE established the EQUALS Initiative, to address some of the global inequalities in health through reciprocal, local partnerships.  

Over the past ten years, the Initiative has evolved from a primarily equipment-centred model of support to a much more holistic approach, supporting both equipping and training need at a national level in Zambia. Specifically, the EQUALS Initiative contributes to healthcare development in Zambia through: 

  1. Sourcing and donating good quality equipment which becomes freely available from Irish hospitals to hospitals in Zambia, in response to local need 
  2. Supporting the training of biomedical engineers 
  3. Supporting the development of postgraduate medical training for specialist physicians  

Key achievements for the Initiative to date include the shipment of 15 40ft containers of reusable medical equipment to the Zambian Ministry of Health, and the direct support of the establishment of the Zambian College of Medicine and Surgery (ZACOMS).   

ZACOMS AND EQUALS team in Zambia

Developing Postgraduate Training

EQUALS aims to provide expert support regarding the delivery of training modules for physicians and the development of postgraduate medical training programmes. We provide support to biomedical engineering training institutions through the provision of equipment and expertise. We also offer onsite support regarding the installation and maintenance of donated equipment.  

To date there has been: 

  • 6 trips completed by Initiative delegates to Zambia to conduct needs assessments and engage with key stakeholders regarding development of postgraduate medical training in Zambia  
  • 3 hosted trips of Zambian delegates to Ireland, from the Ministry of Health, the Zambian Health Professions Council, and the Zambian Technical Working Group on Medical Training  
  • 2 Train the Trainer workshops provided to faculty of the Zambian College of Medicine and Surgery (ZACOMS)  - (1 in-person  and 1 online)
  • 1 year of access to RCPI online courses for ZACOMS final year Trainees – agreement expected to be renewed annually 

If you are interested in volunteering your time or expertise to the establishment of postgraduate medical training in Zambia please contact us.


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EQUALS: Shipping vital medical equipment to hospitals in developing countries
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