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Training Programmes

International Students


Global Reach

RCPI is proud to have a global reach, building relationships with many countries to improve doctor training and support healthcare services. We also have a long tradition of supporting the health and wellbeing of the population at home and abroad through its postgraduate medical training programmes. Today, more than 50% of our 11,000 Licentiates, Members and Fellows practice outside Ireland. Many have also spent time working in other international health services before returning to Ireland with experience that helps to improve patient care and enhance standards and quality.

Three doctors on an elevated platform in a hospital setting

Supporting Doctors to Work in Ireland

RCPI and its faculties have strong relationships with sister medical colleges in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Hong Kong. We have chapters in Oman, China and the United Arab Emirates that provide an infrastructure for collaboration with medical and government organisations. These help us to deliver exams, education and medical training at a local level.

RCPI delegation meets Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization

Working with Partners

We have also joined with the Health Service Executive and other medical training bodies within the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies to develop a framework to attract well-qualified and highly motivated international doctors to train in Ireland before returning home to support the development of their own healthcare systems. There are currently two streams of training developed within this framework; one that fills vacant HSE posts and a second where doctors are fully sponsored for training.

Separately, RCPI, in collaboration with the HSE, funds and leads the EQUALS Initiative. EQUALS supports medical training and equipping needs in less developed countries. We currently have a strong partnership in place with the Ministry of Health in Zambia, which has received ESTHER Ireland accreditation in recognition of the quality of the collaboration. 

Partners from Pakistan and Sudan

Collaboration with Pakistan and Sudan

In conjunction with the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) and Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB), the HSE and the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, including RCPI, have developed a Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for doctors in Ireland.

Doctors on this programme work in the Irish healthcare system and undertake a structured two-year postgraduate training programme in Ireland.

RCPI has been accepting trainees to this programme since 2014; to date, a representative number of doctors have been trained and have contributed to the improvement of the health systems in their nation.