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View the winning entries and shortlisted artwork in RCPI’s Art Competition - Climate and Health


As part of its Annual Symposium - St Luke’s, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland issued an open call to artists to submit a piece of visual art on the theme of Climate and Health for its art competition. The judging panel, chaired by James Hanley RHA, shortlisted 48 pieces of art.

The judging panel awarded first prize to Dublin-based artist, Erin Quinn, for her self-portrait collection, An Tuile (The Flood).

Bernie Anderson was annouced as the winner of the Public Vote for her piece entitled 'A Cool Breath of Air'. 

You can view the shortlisted artworks and learn about the artists using the links below.


Anthony D Kelly - All Tomorrow's Weather

All Tomorrow's Weather_Anthony D Kelly



Aoife Barrett - The Long Lawn: My Grandfather's Garden

The Long Lawn_AoifeBarrett



Aoife Cassidy - Gaia’s Treasure IV

Gaia’s Treasure IV_Aoife Cassidy



Aoife Nolan - Interconnected

Interconnected_Aoife Nolan



Bernie Anderson - A Cool Breath of Air

Winner of the public vote

A Cool Breath of Air_Bernie Anderson



Brigitte Mc Govern - The Far Horizon

The Far Horizon_Brigitte McGovern



Caitríona Nolan - The earth is burning

The earth is burning_Caitríona Nolan



Carmen Garcia - The mother of mother

The mother of mother_Carmen Garcia



Carole Shubotham - "Eyes" The Window to the Soul

Eyes The Window to the Soul_Carole Shubotham



Claire O Reilly - The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature_Claire O Reilly



Daithi O'Manachain - Grasping

Grasping_Daithi O'Manachain



Dave Madigan - After the Gulf Stream stopped

After the Gulf Stream stopped_Dave Madigan



Edel Campbell - To be pilot or stray

To be pilot or stray_Edel Campbell



Enagh Farrell - Council of All Beings/ For Whom the Bell Tolls

Council of All Beings_For Whom the Bell Tolls_Enagh Farrell



Eoin Mac Lochlainn - Aftermath

Aftermath_Eoin Mac Lochlainn



Erin Quinn - An Tuile (The Flood)

Winner of first prize

An Tuile (The Flood)_Erin Quinn



Eugene Worrall - The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper_Eugene Worrall



Frances Bermingham Berrow - What Remains Is Strong

WhatRemainsIsStrong2a_Frances Bermingham



Frank H. Flood - Ill Wind

ILL WIND_Frank H Flood



Geraldine Leahy - Frayed Rope

Frayed Rope_Geraldine Leahy



Hazel Coonagh - Pollen Rising

Pollen Rising_Hazel Coonagh



Hugh Cummins - Look after your health, Look after your meds, Look after the planet

Judges special commendation award

Look after your health meds planet_Hugh Cummins



Irene O Neill - Watching the house burn down

Watching the house burn down with sample frame_Irene O'Neill



John D Coyne - The earth on fire from outer space

The earth on fire from outer space_John Coyne



Jutta Schoensiegel - 4 Degrees Celsius

4 Degrees Celsius_Jutta Schoensiegel



Karen Ebbs - Step Lightly on this Earth

Step Lightly on this Earth_Karen Ebbs



Kaye Maahs - The Great Survivor

The Great Survivor_Kaye Maahs



Lee Welch - a gesture of rejection

a gesture of rejection_Lee Welch




Lelia Henry - Duir

Duir_Lelia Henry



Light Bear - ghosts of the information warfare

ghosts of the information warfare_Light Bear

Click here to watch Light Bear's Ghosts of the information warfare



Lilian Choo - The Light of Hope

The Light of Hope_Lilian Choo



Marianne Brennan - Beach gone !

Beach gone_Marianne Brennan



Mary Fahy - Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert_Mary Fahy



Michelene Huggard - Between Two Lands

Between two lands_Michelene Huggard



Myra Jago - Sui Generis

Sui Generis_Myra Jago



Orla Kaminska - Mercuria

Mercuria_Orla Kaminska



Raquel Montero Calero - Bewildered

Bewildered_Raquel Montero Calero



Shane Hynan - Aftermath of bog fire #1

Aftermath of bog fire_Shane Hynan



Sinéad Cleary - Resurgence

Resurgence_Sinead FitzGerald



Sorca O'Farrell - Presence

Judges special commendation award




Stefania Oggioni - Steps (A Hummingbird's Story)

Steps (A Hummingbird's Story)_Stefania Oggioni



Stephen Johnston - Flowers in jar (no2)

flowers in jar(no2)_stephen johnston



Susan Madert - Votive Object: Lungs

Votive Object Lungs_Susan Madart



Therese Duffy - Where will we live now?

Where will we live now_Therese Duffy



Thérèse Murphy - Global Systemic

Global Systemic_Thérèse Murphy_



Timelines Tapestry Group - Timelines On The Edge

Timelines On The Edge_Timelines Tapestry Group



Tom Noone - The 4 Elements of Sustainability

The 4 Elements of Sustainability_Tom Noone



Yanny Petters - The Rotunda Ash

The Rotunda Ash_Yanny Petters