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MRCPI Conferring Ceremonies

Congratulations to our newest Members!

Congratulations on your achievement - We know it takes immense dedication and clinical acumen to pass our Membership examinations.

When you are conferred as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, it marks a major milestone on the path to becoming a specialist. You are joining a global network of respected physicians whose roots date back to 1654.

You should aim to be conferred as a member in the same year that you pass your clinical exam.

Remember, you are not considered a Member of RCPI and are not entitled to use the post-nominal letters 'MRCPI', until you have been conferred and awarded your diploma.

COVID-19: Impact on RCPI Conferring Ceremonies

Due to current restrictions, we are unable to host in-person conferring ceremonies in No.6 Kildare Street. However, we have been able to confer eligible doctors in absentia and hold an online virtual Conferring Ceremony. Being conferred in absentia makes you a full Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and has no impact on your Membership status. 

About your conferring ceremony

As we can not currently hold in person admission ceremonies our ceremonies are now virtual. You become admitted as a member in absentia and are invited to view the virtual admission ceremony online.

When you are conferred in absentia, we will invite you Join President Prof Mary Horgan and the officers of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland for a very special pre-recorded online Virtual Membership Ceremony. This online ceremony is a celebration of those doctors who have achieved Membership of RCPI in one of our three specialities, General Medicine, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Being conferred in absentia makes you a full Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. At the time of your ceremony you will receive a letter to confirm that you are a Member of RCPI and hold all rights associated with MRCPI. Your MRCPI certificate will be posted to you once it is possible to do so, due to the volume of new members please allow 4-6 weeks for you to receive your certificate following the ceremony.


How to Apply

Online applications will only be open 3 times a year to be conferred. The ceremonies usually take place in April, July and December each year. You will be invited to be conferred upon successful completion of your membership exam.

During your application you must upload a completed declaration form, the form must be signed by a Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public/Lawyer.

When applying please ensure to compete the online application thoroughly with your name in full as these will be the details that will appear on your certificate and letter.

You can only be conferred In Absentia during a ceremony and not throughout the year.


Conferring Fees

  • The fee to be conferred as a member is €365

Are you an RCSI, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland graduate?

  • If you obtained your primary medical degree from RCSI you are entitled to a discount and can pay a Licentiate conferring fee of €265


If you need to defer to the next ceremony, please let us know by emailing us at helpdesk@rcpi.ie at least two weeks before the virtual admission ceremony takes place.

Want to be conferred?

Declaration Form for all new members

All new members are now conferred In Absentia, you will need to complete and upload this declaration form as part of your online registration when applications are open. The form must be signed and stamped by a Commissioner for Oaths / Notary Public / Lawyer.

MRCPI Conferring Ceremony 2022

Our next MRCPI Conferring is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 7 April 2022.

We are disappointed that we cannot share this great achievement with our new members in person, however, we are looking forward to marking the occasion and celebrating your success online with you and your families, with doctors being admitted as a member online In Absentia. The Virtual Membership Ceremony will air via the RCPI YouTube page on Thursday 7 April at 19.00 (Irish Standard Time).

Please note, the virtual conferring will be a produced, pre-recorded video for you to enjoy with your family and friends. There is no requirement to activate cameras, participate etc. during the virtual conferring. If you choose to opt out of the online element you will still be conferred on the day in absentia.

You will need to complete and upload the declaration form above as part of your online registration along with your photo for the virtual Membership Ceremony video.

Bookings for the online Membership Conferring Ceremony will open below on Wednesday, 12th January at 10am and will close on Friday, 25th February at 5pm.

For those who are successful in the upcoming General Medical Clinical taking place in January and February, you will be given the opportunity to be conferred at this ceremony in your successful results letter in late March.

Virtual Conferring Ceremony

For the online Virtual Ceremony we will ask for some information as part of your online booking, including a photograph of you which will be displayed during the online Membership ceremony video. 

Click here for an example of how this picture should appear.

We are also looking to include footage of some Members reciting the Declaration in the virtual ceremony. If you would like to partake please email a recording of you reading the Declaration to exams@rcpi.ie You can find a copy of the wording of the Declaration by clicking here.

This video must include the following elements:

  • You with your head and shoulders visible, or head to waist
  • For it to be filmed in landscape mode against a plain background
  • Please don’t film with windows in the background
  • Avoid anything that is distracting
  • Please frame yourself with appropriate headroom
  • Please avoid noisy surroundings for the optimum sound quality and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want the viewer to see.

Please note, this element of the ceremony is optional, if you do not wish to submit a recording you do not have to.

The online virtual Conferring Ceremony will take place via our YouTube channel. We will send you a viewing link closer to the time of this ceremony that you will be able to share with family and friends.


You will need to complete and upload the declaration form above as part of your online registration along with your photo for the virtual Membership Ceremony video.

Your full name, specialty and address for posting your certificate to will be confirmed via email once applications close.

Bookings will open on Wednesday, 12th January at 10am and will close on Friday, 25 February at 5pm.


*When booking please choose the correct fee as a new Member, only select Licentiate if you graduated from RCSI, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland*


If you have any queries on the Membership Conferring please do not hesitate to get in contact at helpdesk@rcpi.ie.

Courses and Masterclasses.

Exclusive benefits for Collegiate Members

After achieving Membership, you may choose to become a Collegiate Member of RCPI. Collegiate Members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits from RCPI, such as

  • BMJ Journals
  • BMJ.com
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • An RCPI GroupScheme offering a huge range of money-saving offers
  • Discounts on Apple products, medical equipment, hotels, insurance, travel and lots more
  • Waived or reduced fees for our courses and events

Read about the benefits available to Collegiate Members of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland



All Members of RCPI are invited to become a Collegiate Member each year by paying an annual subscription. When you attend a conferring ceremony, the fee you pay covers your subscription for the first year of Membership.

If you would like to talk to us about becoming a Collegiate Member, please contact our Alumni Office at alumni@rcpi.ie

I further promise and declare that I will, to the best of my ability do all things in the practice of my profession for the honour of this College and the good of the public.

Extract from our Membership declaration, which all new Members must recite or sign

Replacement Diplomas

If your diploma is lost or stolen you can order a replacement diploma by submitting a completed Replacement Diploma Form, which is available to download below, once completed please email it to examinations@rcpi.ie.

This form is for MRCPI, DCP, DOWH etc diplomas.

Replacement Diploma Form

The fee for a replacement Diploma is €60, payment details are on the form. The form must be signed by a Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Public/Lawyer to attest to your declaration that the the original has been lost/stolen. Once completed please email it to helpdesk@rcpi.ie

Being a member of RCPI has given me a sense of belonging within the medical community in my postgraduate career.

Dr Bernadette Brady MRCPI

Contact Us

We have a dedicated examinations support team in our Dublin headquarters. They are there to guide you through your full exam journey, from application to conferring. They are present at every exam and always happy to answer your questions. Contact us at helpdesk@rcpi.ie.

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Examinations Coordinator

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