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Fellowship and Membership

Are you an experienced, ambitious Consultant Pathologist? Fellowship of the Faculty of Pathology lets you play an important role in the governance and future direction of your professional body. SpRs in Pathology can now become Associate Members of the Faculty. This membership category was established to facilitate better communication between the Faculty and trainees, as part of the Faculty’s strategy to engage with practitioners in pathology at all stages of their careers. Both these options are detailed below.

Become a fellow

Become a Fellow

By becoming a Fellow of the Faculty of Pathology, you can promote and develop the specialty of Pathology in Ireland by acting in an advisory capacity to Government and statutory bodies, acting as a vital source of information for media, the general public and other medical professionals, developing and delivering postgraduate training programmes and developing and delivering Professional Competence Schemes. 

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How to Apply for Fellowship

To become a Fellow of the Faculty of Pathology you must:

  • hold the MRCPath
    • or be American Board qualified in Anatomic and/or Clinical Pathology
    • or hold a similar qualification from the Australian or Canadian Colleges
    • or hold degrees of MD or PhD
    • or have published work of adequate merit, as judged by the Faculty
  • have a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training in a Pathology specialty
  • be nominated by a Fellow of ten years’ seniority in good standing.

If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact the Faculty at the details listed below to query the nomination process. 

Membership of Faculty of Pathology

Become an Associate Member

Associate Membership provides a forum for trainees to bring training and other issues to the attention of the Faculty.

As an Associate Member, you can engage with the Faculty before you complete training, as Associate Members are eligible to represent trainees on the Board, and on the Education and Training Committee.

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How to Apply

If you are in Higher Specialist Training in Pathology you can apply for Associate Membership of the Faculty of Pathology.

The annual subscription fee is €40 - reduced to €25 if you already hold another category of Membership within RCPI and are in good standing.

You will need a sponsoring Fellow of the Faculty of Pathology, such as your trainer or National Specialty Director. For more information, contact the RCPI Helpdesk below.

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Contact Us

For any questions or queries regarding joining the Faculty of Pathology (including nomination forms), please contact the RCPI Helpdesk. We are open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Tel: +353 1 8639721