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RCPI Trainee Awards



During 2023/2024, doctors on our training programmes can apply for six awards:

  • The Corrigan Award
  • The David Mitchell Award
  • The William Stokes Award
  • The Dorothy Stopford Price Medal
  • The Arthur Eakins Award   
  • The Kate McGarry Prize

These awards recognise excellence and Trainee achievements in communication, improvements in patient care and specialist education and training, and research. Applicants, if chosen, must be available to present their research at the annual National Education Day for Doctors in Training Day, which takes place in May every year. A number of abstracts will be selected for poster presentation on the day. Further information on poster requirements and formatting will be provided for successful applicants. This event is organised by the RCPI Trainees' Committee.

The National Education Day for Doctors in Training for 2023/24 will take place on Friday, 24 May 2024. You can read about last year's event here

Award submissions for 2023/2024 are now open and close on Friday, 15 December 2023. 

winners at the 2023 RCPI Trainee and Trainer awards

2023 Award Winners

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) celebrated the excellence and achievements of its Trainees and Trainers at the annual RCPI Trainee Awards. Read more


The Corrigan Award

The Corrigan Award is our annual BST case study competition. It recognises excellence in communication - the ability to identify complicated and challenging aspects of patient histories and communicate what we can learn from them. The winner receives the Corrigan Medal, named after past RCPI President Sir Dominic Corrigan (1859-1863), and an educational grant worth €1,000


The David Mitchell Award

The David Mitchell Award recognises audits that improve patient care and/or specialist education and training. The winning Trainee or team of Trainees receives the David Mitchell Award and an educational grant worth €1,000 for a single Trainee or €1,500 for a team of Trainees.


The William Stokes Award

The William Stokes Award is awarded by the Trainees Committee in RCPI. It recognises research of the highest standards carried out by Trainees in Higher Specialist Training or International Clinical Fellowship Programme. The winning Trainee receives the William Stokes Award and an educational grant worth €4,000.


The Dorothy Stopford Price Medal

The Dorothy Stopford Price Medal was introduced in 2018 to recognise excellence in research or audit on vaccination, immunisation or control of infectious diseases and its potential impact on public health. The medal and an educational grant worth €1,000 is awarded by the Faculty of Public Health Medicine to honour this pioneer in infectious disease control in Ireland.


The Arthur Eakins Award

The Arthur Eakins Award is being introduced in 2024 by the Health and Wellbeing sub-committee of the RCPI Training Committee, in conjunction with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. It aims to recognise the importance of Trainee health and wellbeing and encourage Trainees to actively get involved in improving and promoting health and wellbeing. It is awarded to a Trainee for a research project or quality improvement initiative which improves and promotes Trainee Health and Wellbeing. The medal and education grant worth €1,000 is funded by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.


The Kate McGarry Prize

The Kate McGarry Prize was introduced by the RCPI Trainees' Committee in 2019. It provides a unique opportunity to share your reviews of practice-changing articles with over 1,000 doctors. The winning reviews from the eJournal Club will be eligible for the Kate McGarry prize.


Trainer of the Year Award

The Trainer of the Year Award, an initiative of the RCPI Trainees’ Committee, was first introduced for the Trainee Awards as part of National Education Day for Doctors in Training in 2021. The award recognises the high standard of training, support and leadership provided by Trainers in RCPI.


Further Awards and Scholarships

Richard Steevens’ Scholarship

Funded by the HSE, the Dr Richard Steevens’ Scholarship gives Irish SpRs an opportunity to train abroad in subspecialties and specialised skills for which training in the Republic of Ireland is limited or unavailable.

The scholarship is designed to support training in novel areas of medicine that will enrich the Irish health service. Winners of the scholarship receive funding from the HSE equivalent to their current point on the SpR salary scale. The minimum period funded is three months, the maximum is one year.

The scholarship is open to SpRs who are within two years of CSCST. If you win a scholarship, you must complete the period of funded training within the duration of your HST programme and prior to the award of a CSCST.

A call for applications normally goes out in October of each year. We will let you know when applications open and send you information on how to apply.


Judging Criteria and Contact Details

Download the Trainee Awards Judging Criteria (PDF, 152KB)

If you have any queries regarding Trainee Awards in general, please email us at