Faculty of Occupational Medicine

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We are the national professional and training body for Occupational Medicine in Ireland, working to ensure the highest standards in health at work

We are accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland and are proud to meet the strict standards required to deliver postgraduate specialist training in Occupational Medicine.

Established in 1976, we are one of six postgraduate specialist training bodies based in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. We have close to 500 Members, who are experienced Consultant Occupational Physicians and leading experts in their field.

What is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is a clinical medical specialty that deals with the interface between work and health.

Occupational Physicians combine their knowledge of basic science (e.g. noise exposure and effects on hearing, radiation exposure effects, toxicology) with an understanding of legal issues surrounding workplace safety and employment equality. Insight into how business works and what constitutes good management is also essential.

Occupational Medicine involves preventative programmes such as immunisations, health surveillance (e.g. audiology for noise exposure), rehabilitation of workers with an illness or disability, and advising organisations (governmental and business) on how to best optimise the health of their most important asset, their employees.  

Occupational Medicine also has various subspecialties, such as Diving Medicine or Aviation Medicine.


International Congress of Occupational Health (ICOH) 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming occupational physicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals from around the world to Dublin from 29 April to 4 May 2018 for the 32nd International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH).

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