National Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme publishes fifth national data report on quality improvement measures in endoscopy services

About the National GI Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme

The NEQI Programme, launched in 2011 by the Conjoint Board of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, has been funded since 2014 by the HSE Quality Improvement Team.

Fifth National Data Report

The National GI Endoscopy Quality Improvement (NEQI) Programme is proud to launch its fifth national data report, which analyses data on a range of key quality indicators focused on driving quality improvement in endoscopy services at both local and national levels.

The data was collected by endoscopy units in 44 participating public and private hospitals across the country between January and December 2019. The report enables endoscopy units to integrate the findings into their daily activities, identifying areas of improvement and those requiring additional focus.

This is the first national data report to contain hospital identifiable data, reflecting the confidence in the endoscopy QI process and the high standards in our endoscopy services.

About the report

The Programme reports on data relating to nine Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) for each hospital collected during 2019, providing key findings and recommendations throughout. The report presents national level statistics for 2019 and shows year on year improvements in the percentage of Endoscopists meeting targets for each of the seven relevant KQIs. The report shows, among other improvements, that:

  • The percentage of hospitals reaching the minimum target for caecal intubation rate rose from 83% in 2018 to 98% in 2019
  • Over the previous four years the number of Endoscopists meeting the target for Comfort Score has increased by 8, from 78% in 2016 to 86% in 2019.

The NEQI Programme took the step to identify hospitals in the report after a consultation process with stakeholders. The data contained within the national repository, NQAIS-Endoscopy, now in its fifth cycle of national reporting, had been deemed sufficiently mature to facilitate this progression.

As the first endoscopy report of its kind where the hospital names are identifiable, this transparent report displays the hospitals’ confidence in the National Endoscopy QI Programme and the high standards in endoscopy services. The NEQI Programme is proud to have taken this step to enhance transparency of national reporting. It is hoped that this will further encourage a positive culture of information sharing to drive quality improvement within the specialty.

The report was presented on the 11th of December 2020 during the Programme’s Annual Quality Improvement Conference, which took the form of a webinar. The webinar was attended by 88 people and included participants from across the healthcare sector including guest speaker Dr Tony Tham, President of the Irish Society of Gastroentrology. Playback of this webinar is available to registered members via our online platform Panopto; click here to watch.


This is the fifth annual report produced by the the National GI Endoscopy QI Programme reporting on quality indicators in endoscopy.