Pre-budget Submission from the Faculty of Public Health Medicine

Faculty of Public Health Medicine makes pre-budget Submission

The Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) has long been an advocate of excise duty rises on alcohol and tobacco. Our perspective is from a public health standpoint because there is strong evidence that raising the excise duty will be beneficial to the health of the population by reducing consumption of tobacco and alcohol. In addition raising excise duty is attractive from a fiscal point of view and offers Government an immediate source of extra revenue. Increase in excise duty on tobacco and alcohol, by reducing overall consumption of both products, will also lead to a reduction in costs to the health services.

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In summary, the Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI is acutely aware of the harmful effect of tobacco and alcohol products in our hospitals and in the community. Raising excise duty substantially on both products will reduce the harms they cause and increase revenue to Government and we recommend these measures be taken.