Shortlist for 2022 RCPI Trainee Awards announced!

Shortlist for 2022 Trainee Awards agreed by RCPI Trainees' Committee and Faculty of Public Health Medicine

The RCPI Trainees' Committee has shortlisted submissions for three RCPI awards:

  • The Corrigan Medal
  • The David Mitchell Award
  • The William Stokes Award

The Faculty of Public Health Medicine has agreed the shortlist for the Dorothy Stopford Price Medal.

These awards recognise excellence and Trainee achievements in communication, improvements in patient care and specialist education and training, and research. The standard this year was, once again, very high.

Shortlisted entrants have been invited to make their oral presentation at the National Education Day for Doctors in Training, where the judging panel will score each presentation and announce the winners on the day. 

The National Education Day for Doctors in Training takes place on Friday, 20 May 2022 as a live, in-person event at No. 6 Kildare Street, Dublin. We are delighted that we can hold this year's event in person and we look forward to welcoming you to No. 6. For those unable to attend, it will be able to watch online. 

Congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted!

The Corrigan Medal

The Corrigan Award is our annual BST case study competition. It recognises excellence in communication - The ability to identify complicating and challenging aspects of patient histories and communicate what we can learn from them.

The winner receives the Corrigan Medal, named after past RCPI President Sir Dominic Corrigan (1859 – 1863) and an educational grant worth €1,000.

This competition is open to all Trainees currently undertaking BST with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants for the Corrigan Medal are:

  • Khalid Alaayedi - Acute epicardial fat necrosis (EFN): a rare and an overlooked cause of acute chest pain
  • John McCormick - Nitrous Oxide Induced Myeloneuropathy
  • Wed Mustafa - Another Zebra Revealed By The Doughnut of Truth: A Near-Fatal Vasculitic Presentation

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Marianna KalásziDueling Etiologies: Longitudinally extensive spinal cord Lesion mimicking spinal cord infarct with simultaneous positive lyme serology and amphiphysin antibody
  • Aine Redmond - Nitrous Oxide Induced Subacute Combined Degeneration of the Cord: A Case Report
  • Ruth Campbell - Digging Deep to Find the Missing Piece
  • James O’Hanlon - So many fevers, so few B cells: persistent Covid following previous anti-CD20 therapy halted by IVIg - a case report
  • Barry Harnedy - Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: A Difficult Diagnostic Dilemma
  • Colm Rowan - You might want to sit down for this one – A diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis with complex autonomic neuropathy and orthostatic hypotension
  • Sinead Mulroy - Chiari Malformation - No Laughing Matter
  • Aaron Duncan - Pyroglutamic acidosis; the combination of two medications co-prescribed in everyday practice
  • David O’Sullivan - Cardiac sounding chest pain; dissecting the differentials
  • Greg Murphy - Ventricular tachycardia and the diagnosis of a metallic intracardiac foreign body: A case report

The David Mitchell Award

The David Mitchell Award recognises audits that improve patient care and/or specialist education and training.

The winning Trainee or team of Trainees receives the David Mitchell Award and an educational grant worth €1,000 for a single Trainee or €1,500 for a team Trainees.  

This competition is open to all Trainees, or a team of Trainees currently registered with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • Maggie O’Brien - Antibiotics for the prevention of perineal wound infections following operative vaginal deliveries
  • Kate McCarthy - A quality improvement project on the trainee experience based on departmental self-evaluation
  • John McCormick - Use of Emergency Response Teams at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Michael Doyle - An Audit of the Pathology of Epilepsy Surgeries at a Tertiary Referral Centre in Ireland
  • Kate Doyle - Using a Template to Improve Communication on Discharge Letters Regarding Bone Protection Therapy After Hip Fracture
  • Sarah Carolan - Rates of Dapagliflozin Prescription in Heart Failure – A Clinical Audit
  • Niall Reidy - Inpatient Glycaemic Control in Diabetics Remains a Challenge Despite the Introduction of a Dedicated Insulin Prescribing Round
  • Zaran Butt - An audit of clinical response and patient satisfaction with a Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Angioedema (CSUA) Virtual CliniPre-hospital direct ambulance transfer has led to major improvements in timeliness of PPCI in suspected STEMI: Temporal trends in a designated PPCI centre.
  • Sarah Devlin - NFR?NotForReduced care! An audit of documented ceilings of care and goals of treatment, with implementation of a “Treatment Escalation Plan” in St. Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny
  • Kieran Skehan An audit of COVID-19 admissions in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda
  • Wed Mustafa - Bisphosphonates: Another Complex Drug To Prescribe
  • Shiraz Siddiq AliEffects of Simulation Teaching Methodology in Department of Medicine
  • Kowshika Thavarajah - Audit on prescribing antipsychotics for patients with dementia in an acute hospital

The William Stokes Award

The William Stokes Award is awarded by the Collegiate Members Committee in RCPI. It recognises research of the highest standards carried out by Trainees in Higher Specialist Training. The winning Trainee receives the William Stokes Award and an educational grant worth €4,000.

The award is open to all Trainees currently undertaking Higher Specialist Training with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • Emma Troy - Erenumab Real World Quality of Life Data in 177 Refractory Chronic Migraine Patients Treated for 18-30 Months
  • Michael Doyle - Diagnostic yield of exome sequencing in patients with ultra-refractory epilepsy without intellectual disability
  • Róisín Corcoran - Association between Ex vivoHuman Ulcerative Colitis Explant Cytokine Secretion Profiles and Disease Behaviour

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Christine McCarthySleep disturbance and odds of stroke: Results from an international case-control study
  • Delia Bogdanet - A novel biomarker and new perspectives on the potential of lipids for the early identification of women at risk of gestational diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes
  • Caoimhe Costigan - Neurological Involvement in Children with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
  • Miranda Crealey - The Risk and Impact of Food allergy in Irish Children
  • Seán Fitzgerald - Angiographic predictors of unplanned rotational atherectomy in complex calcified coronary artery disease: a pooled analysis from the randomised ROTAXUS and PREPARE-CALC trials
  • Aisling SmithLongitudinal assessment of cardiac function in infants with Down Syndrome over the first two years of age using novel echocardiography techniques
  • Colm KerrAnal cytology and HPV molecular findings from HIV positive and negative MSM in Ireland
  • Sinead Maguire - High Frequency of Complications inAxial Spondyloarthropathy Pregnancies: Emerging data from the Ankylosing Spondylitis Registry of Ireland
  • Claire Comerford - Elucidating the Role of von Willebrand Factor in Multiple Myeloma Disease
  • Conor Judge - Effect of dietary counselling intervention targeting low sodium intake (<2.3g/day) versus moderate sodium intake on 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure – results from COSTICK dietary intervention trial
  • Salma Rashid - The association between alcohol intake and obesity in a sample Irish adult population

Dorothy Stopford Price Medal

The Dorothy Stopford Price Medal was introduced in 2018 to recognise excellence in research or audit on vaccination, immunisation or control of infectious diseases and its potential impact on public health.

The medal is awarded by the Faculty of Public Health Medicine to honour this pioneer in infectious disease control in Ireland.

The award is open to all Trainees currently undertaking BST or HST with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • David Kelly - Detection and control of an international outbreak of hepatitis A among the Irish Traveller community: outreach and vaccination strategies
  • Adam Dyer - Previous SARS-CoV2 Infection, Age and Frailty in Nursing Home Residents are Associated with 6-Month Vaccine-Induced Anti-Spike Antibody Titre
  • Ciara McCormick - Routine screening for Hepatitis C in pregnancy is cost effective in a large urban population in Ireland: a change in practice

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Ruth Ceannt - Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Resistance amongst Parents of Children Under 18 Years of Age in Ireland: An Analysis of Data from the Covid-19 Psychological Research Consortium Study
  • Michelle Clince - A Low Hanging Fruit? Simultaneous Influenza Vaccination Availability at the Dialysis Unit Improved Uptake Amongst Dialysis Patients at an Irish Tertiary Care Hospital
  • Gráinne O’Sullivan - Covid-19 presentation among symptomatic healthcare-workers in Ireland: a case-control study
  • Colm KerrAnal cytology and HPV molecular findings from HIV positive and negative MSM in Ireland
  • Julianne Harte - An outbreak of SARS-CoV2 in a Predominantly Vaccinated Residential Care Facility
  • Alice O’Neill - COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy: Vaccine Hesitancy among Obstetricians and Midwives
  • Charlie Leahy - Unvaccinated Pregnant Women’ Attitudes Towards the Covid-19 vaccine: Understanding Reasons for Vaccine Hesitancy

Join us at the National Education Day for Doctors In Training to find out who wins!

This year's National Education Day for Doctors In Training takes place on Friday, 20 May 2022 and features an afternoon of inspiring and enlightening talks specifically aimed at NCHDs training in Ireland. The programme for the day has been developed by the RCPI Trainees' Committee and includes the annual RCPI Trainee Awards.

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