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Health Economics Online Course


Course Overview

This is an online introduction to the health economics landscape in Ireland, and is suitable for all doctors with an interest in health economics

Health economics is a branch of economics concerned with issues related to effectiveness, efficiency, value and behaviour in the production and consumption of health and healthcare.

In broad terms, health economists study the costs and health effects of individual interventions, health-affecting behaviours such as smoking and diet and the overall functioning of healthcare systems as a whole.


What You Will Learn

This six-hour online course will give you an insight into the health economics landscape in Ireland, including health service funding models, equity, cost effectiveness analysis and health technology assessments.

The course consists of six online modules and includes analysis of contemporary debates in health economics and healthcare. You will hear experts discuss relevant and recent examples of the role of health economics in the Irish context.

You will learn about:

  • The key concepts and methods used in health economics
  • The role of the physician in health economics
  • The complex interface between clinical, ethical and financial decision-making
  • Basic cost effectiveness analysis calculations

This online course is mandatory for Higher Specialist Trainees in Public Health Medicine and is suitable for all doctors with an interest in health economics.

When you book this course it will be available to you in our elearning environment RCPI Brightspace for 12 months.


Access Course

This course is under review - please check back soon for updates.