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Membership Examinations

MRCPI General Medicine


General Medicine Part II Clinical



The MRCPI General Medicine Part II Clinical exam assesses your clinical skills, for example, your ability to take a history, perform clinical examinations and formulate investigation and management plans.


Exam Structure

We currently conduct our clinical examinations in Ireland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman.

You will be asked to examine two 25-minute long cases and five ten-minute short cases, one of which is a communication and ethics interaction with a role player.

Long case stations

Each long case station lasts 25 minutes. An instruction will be given to you verbally by the stations examiner upon entry. 

You have 20 minutes in which to take a history from a patient while observed by the examiner and to perform a focused and directed examination. A 10 minute notification will be given. 

You will then have five minutes to discuss investigations and management. 

Short case stations 

There are five short case stations. Four of the stations will have a patient. The fifth station focuses on communication and will have a role player instead of a patient. 

In the first six minutes at each station you will be asked to examine the patient and elicit and interpret physical signs. During the next four minutes, the examiner will ask questions relevant to the clinical examination that you have just carried out (e.g. signs present, differential diagnosis, management plan). 


Frequently Asked Questions