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What You Need to Do

Before you start, read What You Need to Know About CPD Approval

You will need to provide the following supporting information:

  • Completed application form (Word, 78KB)
  • Medical Organiser declaration (Word, 737KB)
  • Remittance advice form (Word, 736KB)
  • Invitation: Copy of the invitation in the form that it will be circulated to prospective attendees
  • Website: Make sure the URL of the relevant web page, and access details if required to view the page, have been entered in the application form
  • Advertisement: Copy of advertisement design as it will appear in electronic and/or print media
  • Programme: Final programme as it will be presented to attendees including:
    • details of faculty members, including their post and relevant experience
    • titles of lectures, workshops and sessions
    • start and end time of individual lectures, workshops and sessions
    • If the required information is not included in the programme, enter it in the space provided on the application form
    • Note: A provisional or draft programme may not contain sufficient information to allow CPD approval and will not be accepted
  • Learner feedback form: Example of the learner feedback form that will be provided to attendees
    • If an online form is used, a screenshot, the url and relevant login details must be provided with this application
    • A document showing the content of your feedback form

Use the application checklist (included in the application form, Word, 78KB) to make sure you have all the necessary documents to support your application.


Additional Information for Sponsored Educational Activities

If your activity is organised or sponsored by a pharmacuetical or medical device manufacturer, you must also submit one Conflict of Interest Disclosure for each speaker and chair.

pdf document
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Size: 738KB Type: word


Ready to Apply?

Email your completed Application Form, Medical Organiser Declaration Form and other supporting documents to us at