General Medicine Part II Clinical

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About MRCPI General Medicine Part II Clinical

The MRCPI General Medicine Part II Clinical exam assesses your clinical skills, for example your ability to take a history, perform clinical examinations and formulate investigation and management plans.

You will be asked to examine two 25-minute long cases and five ten-minute short cases, one of which is a communication and ethics interaction with a role player.

Long case stations

At each long case station you will examine a patient for 25 minutes.

You have 20 minutes in which to take a history while observed by one examiner and to perform a focused and directed examination. A 10 minute notification will be given.

You will then have 5 minutes to discuss investigations and management.

Short case stations

There are five short case stations. Four of the stations will have a patient. The fifth station focuses on communication and will have a role-player instead of a patient.

In the first six minutes at each station you will be asked to examine the patient and elicit and interpret physical signs. During the next four minutes, the examiner will ask questions relevant to the clinical examination that you have just carried out.

For further details on the clinical examination format please read the document located at the end of this page.

COVID-19: Impact on RCPI exams

If you are due to sit an exam in March or April 2020, please check the status of your exam here.

Entry requirements

You must have passed MCRPI General Medicine Part II Written within the last three years.

If this three-year period has expired, you must re-sit the Part II Written exam.

From January 2019 the maximum number of times a candidate can sit any Part of an MRCPI examination will be limited to six attempts.

This will mean that you have six attempts at each component of the MRCPI exams (i.e. 18 attempts in total across the three Parts).

Places in this exam are limited

If the number of applications for this exam exceeds the number of places available, we will prioritise doctors on our Basic Specialist Training programme. Priority access is also given to candidates with only one attempt left. All remaining applications will then be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

If we can't offer you a place in the clinical exam, you will be placed on a waiting list and you will be offered a place if one becomes available. If you are not allocated a place, you will receive a refund of your fee.

Application fee

The fee to sit Part II Clinical is €780 in Ireland, or €1,360 if you are taking the exam outside Ireland. The method of payment is credit or debit card, taken at the end of the online application process.

Don't forget, if you're in Ireland you can claim a refund of €450 under the HSE Clinical Course and Examination Refund Scheme

If you require a visa

If you require a visa to sit an exam, it is your responsibility to ensure the visa application is made in sufficient time before the examination date. We have no role in granting or refusing visas.

A refund will not be given if you are unable to attend the examination as a result of a visa-related problem.

How to prepare

It's important to prepare for MRCPI exams and not to underestimate how long it takes to get ready. Having an understanding of how each exam is formatted will help you prepare and develop good answering strategies. 

When you're preparing your study plan, make sure to refer to the documents made available below.

Read more about the MRCPI General Medicine Part II Clinical

Learn about the clinical examination structure and be better prepared

MRCPI GM Examinations Calendar 2020-2021

This calendar includes opening/closing dates for all 2020/2021 examinations. TBC dates will be updated later in the year.

Curriculum for Basic Specialist Training in General Internal Medicine

MRCPI General Medicine examination regulations

This document contains more detailed information about the exam and the questions to expect

Looking for the next Part II Clinical Exam?

Due to COVID-19, clinical examinations due to take place in April, May and June 2020 did not go ahead.

The latest information can be found here on the COVID-19 updates page.

COVID-19: Impact on RCPI exams

If you are due to sit an exam in 2020, please check the status of your exam here.


Apply for this exam

There is currently no clinical examinations open as of now. Please read the COVID-19 update page for the most up to date information.

We are restarting the clinical examinations in Ireland with the first groups of doctors on the final year of their RCPI training programmes. These examinations are essential for the completion of their training. The examinations will run on multiple dates between November-December 2020. We aim to run an additional diet for this group in February 2021. We will endeavour to offer this full cohort of doctors an opportunity to take the examination by the end of February-March 2021. Once examination dates are confirmed for February, eligible doctors will be contacted via email with more information and the option to apply sometime in mid-December.

We are fully committed to providing clinical examinations for all eligible candidates based in Ireland in 2021. We are reaffirming our commitment to international candidates to recommence delivery of examinations in the first half of 2021. Once these examinations are available, we will open them below for all to apply.

Select your preferred venue below to begin an application.

You will be asked for your username and password for the RCPI website. Please do not create a duplicate account if you already have login details for the RCPI website.

Cancellation policy

Before you apply, please read our Cancellation policy

Contact us

We have a dedicated examinations support team in our Dublin headquarters. They are there to guide you through your full exam journey, from application to MRCPI conferring. They are present at every exam and always happy to answer your questions.

Gerard Kearns

Examinations Coordinator

Tel: +353 1 863 9786

Contact Gerard for queries about the General Medicine Part II Clinical Examination in Ireland and Saudi Arabia.