Looking for ePortfolio? (Updated 24 September 2019)

Update on ePortfolio

Updated 24 September 2019

First-year Trainees in HST have all been given access to the new ePortfolio for Higher Specialist Training.

We are still working to give SpRs in their second and later years of HST access to the new ePortfolio. We are pleased to confirm that these Trainees will have access from mid-October 2019.

If you are in your second and later years of HST this means you will be able to start recording your training activities in the new system and your trainers will be able to sign off. While using the new system, you will also be able to view all of the forms and activities that you entered in the old ePortfolio.

However, you will not be able to view your progression against the requirements of your training programme. This will be a temporary limitation and we will continue to work on making this functionality available to you. We expect the progression view to be delivered in ePortfolio in January 2020.

The new ePortfolio for Higher Specialist Training is an extremely high priority for the College and we are very disappointed that your access has been delayed. We regret the inconvenience has caused.

Please be assured we are making every effort to finalise this new system and give you access as soon as possible.