Looking for ePortfolio? (Updated 2 September 2019)

Update on ePortfolio

Updated 2 September 2019

As you are aware, we are developing a new ePortfolio for Higher Specialist Training.

We had planned to give all SpRs access to the new system in August. Unfortunately, we have encountered delays.

We will keep you updated on our progress and the revised “Go Live” date for the new ePortfolio.

The new ePortfolio for Higher Specialist Training is an extremely high priority for the College and we are disappointed to encounter this delay.

However, we are making progress and we are giving first-year SpRs in Higher Specialist Training access to the new ePortfolio this week. The roll-out will be done specialty by specialty over the coming days, with Trainees in specific specialties receiving access each day.

We are continuing to work hard to develop this new system for recording training and when it is ready for you to use, we hope you will see a significant improvement.

Please accept our apologies for this delay.