New ePortfolio for recording training activities – Action required by 28 June 2019

New ePortfolio for Training coming soon!

We are pleased to announce that in July 2019 all Trainees in Basic and Higher Specialist Training will have a new ePortfolio for recording training activities.

You will see a significant improvement in how you record training activities. The new system, which was rolled out to first years in BST in 2018, is quick and easy to use, allowing for on-the-spot feedback and sign-off from trainers. You will be able to record activities in real time on your mobile phone, even if you are offline.

In preparation for the new system, we will deactivate your old ePortfolio on Friday 28 June 2019 and transfer your records over to the new system. This impacts on you in two ways, as outlined below.

1. Make sure your ePortfolio is fully up to date by 28 June 2019

Before your records are transferred over to the new system, you must make sure that the information in your current ePortfolio is up to date and signed off by Trainers.

This is important as it will ensure that your new ePortfolio accurately reflects your progress and completed activities.

We contacted all Trainers to ask them to review any outstanding ePortfolio requests from RCPI Trainees who have been under their supervision.

2. Download ePortfolio information before 28 June 2019

Only information relating to your current training programme will be transferred over to the new ePortfolio.

If you wish to keep a copy of information entered in your current ePortfolio (e.g. if you are in HST, information that you entered while in BST) you must download it before 28 June 2019.

Read instructions on how to download your records (PDF)

Don't forget: All courses in The Physician Network must be completed by 28 June 2019

In addition to launching a new ePortfolio for training, RCPI is going to update all courses in The Physician Network eLearning to improve your experience.

On Friday 28 June 2019 you will no longer be able to access the RCPI courses on which you are currently enrolled in The Physician Network eLearning.

Therefore you also need to take the following actions before Friday 28 June 2019:

  • Complete any RCPI courses that you haven’t completed yet in The Physician Network eLearning
  • Download certificates from all of your completed RCPI courses – This includes CPD certificates for attendance at RCPI conferences and events.

Watch a short video on how to download certificates (YouTube)

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We will be in touch with you again with information on how to use the new ePortfolio.

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