Professional Competence: record your 2022-2023 activities

Enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme? You can now record your 2022-2023 activities

The 2022-2023 Professional Competence Year has been applied to your ePortfolio for Professional Competence.

This means that you can now record your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Audit/Quality Improvement Projects that take place between 1 May 2022 and 30 April 2023.

You can also submit your Personal Development Plan for 2022-2023, and if you do this before 30 September, you can enter an Internal CPD claim for 5 Credits.

Missed the deadline?

You can still record for 2021-2022, just be sure to put in the correct start and end dates at the top of your forms and select the correct year from the dropdown list.

If there are any items you wish to correct, here are the steps:

  • Go to ePortfolio/Timeline
  • Enter the title or part of the activity title you wish to correct and search
  • Click on the form type (e.g., “CPD” or “Audit or Quality Improvement” that appears above the title
  • There are two sections in your forms – top section is for dates, the bottom section is for details
  • Date corrections:  Click on the Edit button just below the dates and use the calendar popup to select the correct dates. Do not forget to click save on this section
  • Details corrections:  Scroll to the Edit button at the bottom of the details section and click. Do not forget to click save on this section

If you wish to delete any forms, please submit a request to with details of the item you want to be removed.

Need help or have questions about ePortfolio for Professional Competence? Visit our information page

We are here to help

If you need to discuss anything with our team, please email to request a callback.  Please provide your phone number and times that are suitable for a call in your message.

The Professional Competence Team is available online Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 GMT.