Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland looks forward to early enactment of Public Health Alcohol Bill in 2018

Prof Frank Murray

Today Alcohol Alliance Ireland members thanked Senators for passing the Public Health Alcohol Bill and look forward to early enactment of this life-saving legislation in the Dáil in early 2018.

it is important that vested interests are not allowed to further delay this Bill. “I thank the Senators for passing this Bill and I thank the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, for his work in bringing it through the Seanad. I also recognise the cross-party support for the Bill and thank all involved.

Professor Frank Murray

Chair, Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland

The AHA hopes that the Taoiseach and members of the Dáil will quickly progress it in early 2018 to ensure healthier prospects for everyone. Concessions have been made to small retailers to allow this Bill to move forward after a long delay. Alcohol sold in a small shop is equally harmful as that sold in larger outlets. A new statutory code for retailers is a positive move. Alcohol is a licensed product and not an everyday grocery so it should be displayed separately.

It is 735 days since the Public Health Alcohol Bill was first published by the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar in December 2015 when he was Minister for Health. Since then, 2,205 people have died as a result of alcohol related accidents, injuries and illness. There will be too many empty chairs around the Christmas table in so many homes because of alcohol related harm. It is time to reduce the hurt and stand up for public health. I look forward to welcoming the enactment of the Public Health Alcohol Bill in 2018

Professor Frank Murray

About Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland

The Alcohol Health Alliance was established by Alcohol Action Ireland and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), and brings together over 50 NGO’s, Charities and public health advocates and campaigners whose mission is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.