Faculty of Pathology publishes guidelines on Post-Mortem Examination Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Guidance on dealing with mortuaries/post-mortems during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Faculty of Pathology has issued a guidance document on Covid-19 and mortuaries/post-mortem examinations, available to download below.

Histopathologists and state pathologists in Ireland perform approximately 5,000 post-mortem examinations per year on behalf of coroners to identify a cause of death. Given the hazardous nature of the Covid-19 virus and the risk to the mortuary staff, anatomical pathology technicians and pathologists carrying out post-mortem examinations at this time, these guidelines have been developed by the Faculty of Pathology.

The guidelines will be continually reviewed. The Faculty's aim at all times is to ensure that our histopathologists and state pathologists can investigate all deaths fully, respectfully, and with full empathy for the families of the deceased.

The guidelines have been developed by the Histopathology Working Group and endorsed by the Board of the Faculty of Pathology. The guidelines are based on present information regarding the virus/infection, with the knowledge that these guidelines may change if further information dictates this.

If the guidelines are updated, the new document will be made available on this web page.  Please note the link to the Coroners Service webpage at the very end of the current guidelines is now out of date: 
View the current guidance in relation to the Coroners Service and Deaths due to Covid-19

Faculty of Pathology Recommendations Relating to Post-Mortem Examination Practice during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Published online on 20 May 2020

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