Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies welcomes MacCraith review

Final phase of review should focus on General Practice and Public Health Medicine

The Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies (Forum) welcomes the recent publication of the second interim report of the working group chaired by Professor Brian MacCraith established to carry out a strategic review of medical training and career structure.

The Forum, acting on behalf of the Postgraduate Training Bodies, has been working tirelessly to highlight the serious issues affecting our junior and trainee doctors and to bring a clear understanding of these issues as well as potential solutions to the attention of policymakers. The appointment of Professor MacCraith to chair the broad based working group has been a positive step by the Department of Health in beginning to address these issues. It has participated in and provided input to the working group and has facilitated strong trainee representation and interaction with the group.

The Forum endorses the clarity of the recommendations outlined in the second interim report as they relate to the terms of reference of this report. The publication of the interim report is an important initial step in addressing issues, such as the retention of doctors within the health service and ensuring the best outcomes for patients. We look forward to the publication of the third and final phase of the report. We urge the working group to focus the final phase of the report on other specialties such as General Practice and Public Health Medicine as well as the hospital based specialties.

The Forum supports the interim report's call for urgent and focused engagement on implementing the report's recommendations. We strongly support the spirit of openness and urgency which led to this report and we implore that same spirit to underpin the approach to the implementation phase.

Editor's Note

The Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies (Forum) was established in December 2006 with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the postgraduate training bodies in maintaining the highest standards in Medical Education and Training.

It facilitates discussion and best practice sharing and where appropriate, to promote common strategies across the accredited postgraduate medical training bodies.

The membership of the Forum consists of the following postgraduate medical training bodies:

  • College of Anaesthetists of Ireland
  • College of Psychiatrists of Ireland
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine, RCPI
  • Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI
  • Faculty of Pathology, RCPI
  • Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI
  • Faculty of Radiologists
  • Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, RCPI & RCSI
  • Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, RCPI
  • Irish College of General Practitioners
  • Irish College of Ophthalmologists
  • Irish Committee for Emergency Medicine Training, RCSI
  • Irish Committee of Higher Medical Training, RCPI
  • Irish Surgical Postgraduate Training Committee, RCSI
  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI