Give your feedback on Basic Specialist Training posts – Complete the Training Post Evaluation

What did you think of your most recent Basic Specialist Training post?

You have the power to make a difference: Please complete the Training Post Evaluation today

We need to know if you have any concerns about the BST post you completed in July 2019.

We are asking all doctors in Basic Specialist Training to complete a short online Training Post Evaluation. Your answers are totally confidential.

In it you will be asked to evaluate the training posts you completed in 2018/2019, including the working conditions and the support that was, or wasn't, available to you.

Your honest feedback will help us identify  issues affecting the quality of training in specific posts or sites so that we can take action. 

Please help us improve the quality of training for all RCPI Trainees by completing the Training Post Evaluation today.


Click here to complete the Training Post Evaluation for BST - Your feedback is totally confidential

What is the Training Post Evaluation?

Since 2016 we have been asking all RCPI Trainees to complete a short, anonymous evaluation at the end of each training post.

Your answers help us identify issues affecting the quality of your training in specific posts or sites, so that we can take action. 

This information will allow us to benchmark each RCPI training post nationally, and enable us to continue to drive improvements in training.

To protect your anonymity, you are not asked for any identifying information such as your name, date of birth or RCPI ID number. The confidential nature of the evaluation is why it's not available within ePortfolio.

To further protect your anonymity, we will analyse only aggregate data once more than two years of data have been collected and more than five Trainees have provided feedback on each post, we will begin to analyse data at site/post level.

Play your role in shaping the future of training. We ask you to provide feedback - positive and negative.

Dr Cormac Kennedy

Chair, RCPI Trainees' Committee

What we know, thanks to the Training Post Evaluation

The Training Post Evaluation was launched in 2016 with one key objective - to improve training conditions.

The initiative is overseen by a working group comprising National Specialty Directors, RCPI senior management, the RCPI Trainees' Committee and the RCPI Research Department.

Over the past few years, Trainees have been voluntarily submitting confidential feedback to RCPI on the quality of their training posts.

The more Trainees who respond, the better our data.

Here are some findings:

  • 31% of respondents in BST had completed a Graduate Entry Medicine programme
  • 48% of respondents in HST had previously worked abroad
  • in 2017, 70% of respondents in BST would recommend their training post to others; this figure was 87% for respondents in HST
  • Areas that scored highly included: good clinical case mix, felt more confident as a doctor after the post, supportive workplace, and treated with respect (higher in HST)
  • Areas for improvements included: Feedback on performance, structure of training in BST, cover for educational leave in BST, EWTD compliance

Our objective is to deliver outstanding training with accountability. By and large, I believe training is a very positive experience for our Trainees, but there are situations where we can improve training on particular sites in particular areas. The only way we can gauge this is by getting accurate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of every training post.

Professor Anthony O'Regan

Dean of Postgraduate Specialist Training

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