Ireland’s life-saving Public Health (Alcohol) Bill – Your support is needed to guarantee its safe passage

Email your local TDs and Senators to let them know you support the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

Do you have a minute to support our campaign to see the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill be brought into effect? This Bill is literally life-saving – It contains a wide range of evidence-based measures designed to tackle Ireland's high rates of harmful alcohol consumption, however it is facing significant opposition from well-funded vested interests.

We have built a simple web page that allows you to email your local TDs and Senators to let them know you support the Bill. Every email counts – TDs themselves have told us. To support our campaign, simply enter your details here:

As you know, our President Prof Frank Murray is a liver specialist in Beaumont Hospital and he sees the effects of unsafe alcohol consumption every day. He has been a vocal advocate for more effective alcohol health policies for a number of years. The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill is a huge step forward in terms of protecting vulnerable drinkers - It targets young drinkers who are price-sensitive and very heavy drinkers.

Please email your local TD today to let them know that you support this Bill. It only takes a minute. If you’re not sure what your constituency is, you can find out here.

You can read more about the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill here.

In other news, we launched a new Alcohol Health Alliance this morning, in association with Alcohol Action Ireland. It is receiving wide media coverage. You can read more about it here.

Thank you for your support – Remember, every email really will make a difference.