RCPI Health and Wellbeing Department launches virtual ‘Res’ – Register your place today

Two trainee Doctors.

RCPI’s Health and Wellbeing Department has launched a virtual ‘Res’; an online space for doctors to discuss and learn about various aspects of health and wellbeing. 

The ‘Res’ will take place online every month, starting in November, and will cover topics such as sleep techniques, how to eat well when you are busy, how to build reflective practice into your daily schedule, dealing with uncivil behaviour and how best to look after yourself in challenging circumstances.

Speaking about the launch of the ‘Res’, Prof Gaye Cunnane, Director of Health and Wellbeing at RCPI, said: “The doctors’ Res in every hospital is an important place of refuge and relaxation. It is a safe place where problems can be shared and solved, where support can be offered, and good ideas generated.  By launching a virtual ‘Res’, we hope that we can replicate that place of refuge and support online.”

She continued, “There have been many studies in recent years to show that physician wellbeing is suboptimal, with more than 50% feeling a sense of burnout or that their wellbeing is not a priority. What we know from these studies is that a powerful antidote to burnout is a sense of community, ‘everyone together’, yet ironically this pandemic has ensured that we have never been more separated physically and this is where our virtual ‘Res’ comes in.”

The ‘Res’ will be held online on the last Thursday of every month with three sessions to choose from: 8am, 1pm and 5pm.  The first event kicks off on 26 November 2020.

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