Remembering Dr Keshav Sharma

Dr Keshav Sharma

Remembering Dr Keshav Sharma

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Dr Keshav Sharma, a highly esteemed friend of the College for many years and a very important contributor to, and advocate for, our Physician Health and Wellbeing Programme.

Dr Mark Murphy was a colleague and friend of Dr Sharma for many years. Dr Murphy is a GP in Eldon Family Practice in Dublin and is a Lecturer in the Department of General Practice, RCSI. He remembers Dr Sharma:

"Dr Keshav Sharma was a wonderful person, and his loss will be felt by many patients, colleagues and friends.

Our class in UCD was so fond of Keshav when he arrived in Dublin to study Medicine in 1999. He symbolised inclusivity, bringing people together, organising basketball meet-ups and five-a-side soccer games. Academically he was gifted and was always generous with his time and knowledge. Always with a big smile and an infectious sense of humour, it seemed that everybody knew Kesh, just as he knew everybody.


Keshav was a talented physician and worked in many hospitals in Ireland before working as a consultant respiratory physician in Wexford General Hospital. Everyone he encountered was left with a positive interaction – patients, porters, nurses, canteen staff, doctors – in each hospital he worked. The Irish healthcare system was so fortunate to have benefited from his compassion and commitment to patient care and education.

He was especially considerate to younger or vulnerable colleagues, which drove his passion relating to self-care and physician well-being. We are all proud of his advocacy relating to physician well-being with the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland.

He loved and was proud of his two homes- Trinidad and Ireland. I hope his family and friends in Trinidad can take solace in his powerful legacy which he has left in Ireland. We will miss Kesh dearly."

Hadas Levy, Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Health and Wellbeing Manager at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland also worked extensively with Dr Sharma as a valued member of the College’s Health and Wellbeing Trainee Team. She remembers Dr Sharma:

Dr Keshav Sharma joined our BST GIM training in 2007 and the HST Respiratory training programme in 2011. Dr Sharma was a strong advocate of doctors’ wellbeing and during his last year of training Dr Sharma has helped to establish the first Trainee Health and Wellbeing Committee and together with Dr Helen O’Brien and Prof Blanaid Hayes, developed a Trainee Handbook titled “Looking after your health and wellbeing – A guide for doctors” which is widely used today.

Dr Sharma will be kindly remembered by the staff in the Health and Wellbeing department for his ongoing contribution to the College, even after he completed his training.