Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety to fund research into key patient safety issues

The Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS), which is run from RCPI, has identified key healthcare issues that will be the focus of vital quality and patient safety research.

The RCQPS is a unique research collaboration between the Health Research Board, the HSE and RCPI. It has received €1.5 million in funding from the HRB and HSE for research into quality and patient safety issues in Ireland.

Research into predetermined quality and patient safety issues

An RCQPS funding award is highly specific in nature – It provides funding for research into predetermined quality and patient safety issues. Research questions are generated at RCQPS workshops in RCPI. These questions are then matched to suitable researchers in our RCQPS database. Clinical input provided by National Clinical Programme Leads ensures that the most vital research questions will be addressed by the RCQPS.

Key healthcare issues identified at Workshops for National and Clinical Programme Leads

National Clinical Programme Leads and researchers in quality and patient safety from across Ireland attended the RCQPS workshops in RCPI on 19 November and 26 February. Healthcare issues identified at the workshops included:

    •    Healthcare efficiency
    •    Evaluation of quality improvements
    •    Patient experiences
    •    Interventions
    •    Prevention

Bringing researchers and clinical practitioners together

Speaking at the November event, Dr Philip Crowley, National Director Quality and Patient Safety Directorate of HSE, said, 'This event is enabling interested researchers to meet with clinical practitioners to identify clear research questions that will meet a specific practice need and it is the first step in a process that will lead to improvements in quality and patient safety throughout the Irish health services.'

RCPI Director of Research, Prof Richard Costello said, 'It is only with true collaborative programmes such as the RCQPS that the issues affecting our healthcare system can be investigated and fully evaluated. We were delighted with the response from both the clinicians and the researchers towards the collaborative.'

Matching questions with researchers

Specific panels including external peer reviewers have prioritised the research questions and matched them to complimentary researchers. The researchers and clinical leads will now collaborate and prepare their full research proposals.

Second RCQPS Workshop

The second RCQPS workshop was held in February 2014 kicking off funding cycle 2 for the award scheme. Two projects will be funded in each of the first two cycles of funding. The QPS leads will now submit their proposed research questions that will be prioritised for cycle 2.

For further information on the collaborative, or to join the database of researchers please contact Dr Graham Armstrong, RCQPS Research Coordinator at