Training Post Evaluation: Findings from the first three years

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Findings from the first three years of the Training Post Evaluation

The Training Post Evaluation was launched by RCPI in 2016 in order to give trainees the opportunity to provide honest and anonymous feedback on their training experiences.

The answers that Trainees provide when they complete the Evaluation help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of specific posts or training sites. They provide the information to allow us to work with hospital sites and trainers to improve the quality of training.

This report summarises findings from the first three years of the Training Post Evaluation and is based on feedback from doctors in Basic and Higher Specialist Training programmes in 86 training sites across Ireland.

The findings point to a number of areas of good practice but also illustrate areas where training standards are unsatisfactory and require significant improvement.

Other national and international reports, including Your Training Counts from the Medical Council, have identified similar training challenges and issues.

These issues emphasise the essential need for training bodies, the hospital sites, and the HSE to work together to optimize training and the training environment.

Training Post Evaluation aggregate three-year report 2015 2018

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Improving training can contribute to better outcomes for all

The Training Post Evaluation will continue to operate each year, providing us with a method of collecting regular feedback on individual posts and the ability to track trainees’ satisfaction with posts and sites over time.

We will use the findings of the Training Post Evaluation to improve postgraduate training, inform training site inspections, and identify potential areas for further research. We will also use the findings in our engagement with trainers and training sites. While we understand that both trainers and training sites are facing challenges due to funding pressure and recruitment and staff retention issues, we believe that improving training can contribute to better outcomes for all.

We have already begun to respond to the issues raised by trainees via the Training Post Evaluation. The actions taken by RCPI to enhance training experiences, along with recommendations based on trainees’ feedback, are included at in this report.

We are extremely grateful to all trainees who participated in the Training Post Evaluation to date. Without their feedback, we would not have this valuable evidence base on which we can plan continuous quality improvement initiatives.

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