Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing: A Guide For Doctors

Looking After Your Health & Wellbeing: A Guide For Doctors

Through our Physician Wellbeing programme, RCPI provides support, training and information about health and wellbeing to doctors. We are committed to pursuing innovative approaches to support the health of doctors and raising awareness of the importance of caring for the care givers. On the dedicated pages on our website, you'll find a wealth of publications, videos and supportive content. 

To further support you, the RCPI Health & Wellbeing Team have published an updated edition of our popular guide for doctors on looking after your health and wellbeing. It is a comprehensive guide of advice and supports that are available to trainees within the RCPI. This guide is intended as a reference point for advice for trainees, created by trainees. You can download your copy of the guide below. 

Looking After Your Health: A Guide for Doctors

A comprehensive guide containing advice and supports for mental and physical wellbeing available to you as trainees within the RCPI

About the RCPI Health & Wellbeing Department

Our RCPI Health and Wellbeing Department was officially launched in October 2019 to enhance Trainee and Trainer wellbeing within RCPI. Our mission is to help doctors enhance their wellbeing and professional conduct throughout their working lives. We will do this by promoting better training practices and providing support for doctors who need it.

This department provides support and referral pathways for Trainees who are struggling to meet the training requirements or reach the competencies required for reasons related to their health or overall wellbeing. We aim to be actively involved in early identification and prevention of issues, the promotion of wellbeing, and strategic planning and collaboration within this area. The department is staffed by a full-time psychologist, Hadas Levy B.A. Psychology, M.Sc. Counselling Psychology, with administrative support.

RCPI Physician Wellbeing Programme

Tel: +353 1 863 9700

Through our Physician Wellbeing programme we are providing support, training and information to doctors at all stages of their careers.